With Brexit Truth Comes Brexit Denial!

Posted on October 9, 2019

Brexit was always going to get to this point. I occasionally thought that common sense would prevail but that was just fantasy really.

It was so obvious that this was about right-wing ideologues grabbing an opportunity to deregulate, cash in on economic failure and hide the money in The Cayman Islands without anyone being able to touch them.

Whether that was Boris Johnson’s original plan, I don’t know? He lies so much he offers only confusion. Personally, I think he would probably do anything anyone told him if it meant being PM.

That’s why he got in Cummings to run a ‘people versus parliament’ campaign for him. That’s why he allowed his cabinet to construct a deal specifically designed for rejection so he could play a blame game with the EU. He couldn’t do it himself because he is not sure he believes in it. That’s why his siblings have deserted him, they don’t want to be part of it. You can hardly blame them.

How Dim are People?

What I will never get my head around, is the lack of basic intelligence of those who continue to support him. I left The Hurst School with a smattering of basic English, Maths and an Art O Level and I worked it out, so just how dim is our great nation?

I always thought these clowns who sat on pub stools spouting shite about climate change being a load of bollocks and asking you not to get them started on Diane Abbott, were a minority?

Apparently not, if opinion polls are to be believed.

Now, the last election should tell us that opinion polls are seriously flawed but the latest ones putting Boris Johnson up around 38% is pretty alarming stuff. That basically means that he could get a majority government based on a Brexit that will cause the lives of 95% of his voters to become harder.

Of course, there are winners. Those who can make money from deregulation in food and environmental standards and selling off public services will do well. Those who short the pound and stash the money in tax havens will also do nicely, but let’s be honest, that’s not many people. To indulge in that sort of money making, you need stacks of money in the first place.

There aren’t that many Jacob Rees-Moggs in the country, but they are the ones dictating. A tiny minority is dictating the course that will take the majority to a worse and potentially dangerous place and they are falling for it. It seems like madness, but it is happening in front of our own eyes.

What is a Deal?

The problem has always been simpler to explain than it was ever made out to be. You see, there is no such thing as a good Brexit deal. This is because any deal other than the one we have will put us in a weaker global financial position. By getting a deal worse than the one we already had, it would at least not be as bad as bombing out and sitting in an economic no man’s land.

That’s not a good deal, its damage limitation. A ‘Good Deal’ should be called a ‘Damage Limitation Deal’. That would be more honest.


It is no one’s fault but our own. The Sun, The Mail, The Telegraph and The Express (all owned by billionaires) can chuck as much shit at the EU as they want but it wasn’t the EU who chucked us out. We decided to leave and there is simply not a better position than the one we had.

That’s why the majority of democratically elected politicians who do not want this shit to deal with, are not enemies of the state. They are trained in economics and worried sick about where this is heading. They didn’t make themselves targets of right-wing lunatics just for the fun of it and nor did the judge’s ruling in their favour.

Time to Get Real

It’s high time people grew up and started backing those MP’s rather than a tiny minority of opportunists looking to smash the country apart so they can clear off to Panama or The Cayman Islands and sit on their yachts. Yachts paid for by money that should have gone to the HMRC.

The fat lady is clearing her throat but if people learn to think for themselves rather than quoting The Sun or The Mail in the deluded belief it makes them look clever, it might not be over yet.

I’m probably fantasising again.

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