The TV Debate that Offered Little!

Posted on November 21, 2019

After watching the TV debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson last night, I concluded that they don’t really achieve much. The support of both leaders is partisan, and it is unlikely that someone who is a fervent believer in Johnson is going to switch allegiance and vice versa.

By most sensible accounts, Johnson is the one with the decent lead, so all he had to do is undertake his instructions from Dominic Cummings and he would be safe. This meant perpetually going on about getting his ‘Oven Ready Brexit ‘done.

Corbyn is the one who has it all to do. He is like a boxer who is still in the fight but way behind on points, seeking a devastating blow. Either that or an unforced error from his rival. Corbyn can take some encouragement because if anyone is capable of an unforced error, it is Boris Johnson.

Reckless Johnson

On his day, Johnson can be utterly reckless with his judgement. Just ask Iranian prisoner, Nazin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the journalist he tried to get beaten up, or the mistress he talked into having two abortions whilst he was married to Marina Wheeler.

In normal times, Johnson would be deemed entirely unsuitable for high office. These are not normal times.

Corbyn did try to land a big blow by holding up documents showing that the NHS is under threat from a US trade deal. However, it was a little incoherent, was cut short and didn’t do any real damage.

Then, in fairness to Johnson, he had a good go at an unforced error by saying the Royal family as an institution, are beyond reproach. The lack of shock at this statement (just days after the car crash Prince Andrew interview) said as much about British people supporting Johnson as it does about Johnson himself. It is like it is just accepted that those in the establishment can do what they want; even if it means being friends with a convicted sex offender.

I always thought that any ammunition that Corbyn had, would just bounce off Johnson and that has proved to be the case. It’s all very well for Corbyn’s core supporters to see him as some sort of messiah, but the truth is, to be a success he has to make gains. If anything, there will be losses because, cretinous as he is, Johnson will campaign better than the inexplicably appalling, Theresa May.

Searching for a PR Disaster

This leaves a situation where Labour supporters are only left with some sort of biblical PR gaff by Johnson to reduce his majority. When you consider he has already got away with handing out £100k of public money to an American mistress and supressing a security document about Russian infiltration into the political system, you have to wonder what it would take to discredit him?

We’re talking something really bad. Eating Labrador puppies whilst having sex with one of Jeffrey Epstein’s underage prostitutes might do it. However, for most, it still won’t be as bad as wearing wonky glasses on a TV debate and demanding big corporations pay their tax.

It’s just the way it is.

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