Tories Surge Despite the Blows to Their Credibility!

Posted on November 13, 2019

There was a period last week where I thought a lot of people were thinking along the same lines as me.

That thought process would be something along the lines of, ‘I am not so sure if Corbyn can deliver his manifesto and whether it will even work but, sod it, I’d rather that than the other option of self-serving populism’.

Well, it seems I am wrong, or I think I am wrong anyway; the Labour campaign has been moderate and they have lost ground. This despite it being a pretty damning week for the Tories, especially with Grenfell, the Russian Dossier and the bungling mess regarding the floods on the River Don.

If the 50-page Russian dossier had been sat on by Jeremy Corbyn rather than Boris Johnson, the election would be done and dusted. The Tories would be surging at around 45% and Labour would be around 18%. However, because it is Johnson, remarkably, he has moved up to 40% in recent polling. In sporting terms, Johnson would have to do a ‘Devon Loch’ to mess this up.

Unfortunately, an alarming amount of people think Corbyn is a terrorist with a Venezuelan ideology (when it comes to the economy) and this is a problem that seems to stick with him due to a phenomenon called ‘lack of research’. It’s almost as though facts have been distorted by a system of learning by rote ( known as parroting or regurgitating).

This has been encouraged by pictures of a fresh faced Corbyn pictured alongside former IRA Leader, Gerry Adams so many times, it has been assumed by not very clever folk that he was/is a terrorist sympathiser. This is despite them knowing little or nothing about the complexities of ‘The Troubles’.

Interestingly, I have been watching an iPlayer documentary on the BBC about ‘The Troubles’. During the episode I watched last night, it showed the filming of Ulster Unionist leader, Ian Paisley, encouraging the burning of a Margaret Thatcher effigy as punishment for her tentative attempts to find peace.

As the effigy of Thatcher burnt, Paisley was screaming all sorts of abuse about her facing hell and perpetual damnation; it was all quite alarming. Yet, despite Thatcher’s negotiations with Republicans, I have never seen her being called a terrorist sympathiser!

The terrorist stuff is just a red herring – it’s all about distracting people away from ideologies that will affect them far more than Jeremy Corbyn having tea and a biscuit with Gerry Adams 30 years ago. These include a potential reduction in workers and civil rights, the environment, the selling of public services and the outsourcing of government contracts to bent firms (like Carillion) who are party donors.

These ideologies are great for people like Mike Ashley and Phillip Green but not the majority of the British public. Sadly, the majority of the British public love a bit of populism so they are happy to roll with it as long as they get their country back (whatever that means?).

From a personal point of view, it is the avoidance of corporation tax that gets really get my goat. Paying corporation tax is a good thing in a way. This is because over a financial year, it means your little business has made a bit of profit. As a consequence, you fill out your HMRC form and hand over 20% of your profit to the taxman.

If you were to do some research on how much corporation tax Tories like Jacob Rees Mogg, Ian Duncan Smith and Sajid Javid (to name but a few) have paid over the years you might be surprised (well, you might not be). If you looked at where in the world the wealth of Tory party donors sits, you would be right to be concerned.

Then, if you took a bit of time out and studied the EU 2020 Tax Avoidance Directive, you might begin to worry that Johnson, backed by Russian investment and corporate tax avoiders, is on the verge of heading a majority government. Or you might to decide to vote for him anyway because Jeremy Corbyn was once part of the Northern Ireland peace process.

Personally, am not one of those types who think Jeremy Corbyn is some sort of Messiah who deserves the ‘Seven Nation Army’ tune ringing in his ears. He is flawed in his campaigning and has characters in his cabinet I can’t warm too.

However, I’d rather that than Boris Johnson and his cretin ridden cabinet of sycophants who, at this stage, unless momentum changes, are edging towards victory.

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  • Trevor
    November 14, 2019 (2:37 am)

    I’m so depressed by the state of UK politics. Labour (and Corbyn) in particular are complicit in the mess that is brexit because they have never adopted a firm stance on the matter and Corbyn being opposed to membership of the EU is renowned for a political career where he has never changed his personal view to meet a populist one. Like many I was excited when he was first elected as leader, but over time it’s become clear that he’s fundamentally un-electable. Of course, like most intelligent people, and as you say in your post, I don’t buy the ‘IRA sympathiser’ cries, nor do I really think he’s much of a marxist – I actually think he’s far more centrist than his close supporters would like to believe. Labour’s campaign IS so flawed though especially if it can’t oust a government that has been so poor for nearly a decade.

    The masses instead prefer to support Johnson who continues to lie and bluster around but as you say will win a majority government allowing him to force through an unpalatable exit from Europe which will make him and his cronies very personally wealthy, but make the rest of the population far poorer.

    The only (very vague) glimmer of hope I have is that at least following the election Labour will be forced to go through their party with a broom and entirely rebuild. Even then the danger is that the unions force them into another position where they muddle the leadership result as they did with the Milliband brothers where the wrong one is crowned. If they do that again then they’ll push the labour party to another decade in the wilderness.

    Likewise I hope that once brexit has happened Johnson will be revealed for who he really is. I don’t know whether that will ‘fix’ anything but at least he will be ‘outed’. Where that leaves Britain’s political and economic landscape god only knows.

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