Looking Forward to our Exclusive US Trade Deal!

Posted on January 7, 2020

With regards to Donald trump blowing up Qasem Soleimani, it not whether he is a horrible bloke or not that worries me. What disturbs me is that Trump acted like someone with an underdeveloped front cortex when he did it.

Most people I know have developed logic over impulse as they get older, thinking about the consequences of their actions before carrying them out. What seems to happen is that when we are older, the instant impulses we have in early adulthood (particularly males) are put into a department of our brain that assess whether the risk is worth the action.

I am no psychologist, but it seems to me that Trump has never developed and just acts on a whim backed up with a barrage of Tweets that look like the work of a child. Perhaps having no social or financial constraints stops these areas of the brain evolving?

A Closer Relationship with the US!

My concern with this is the UK looking to be a closer partner with Trump’s America now that we are exiting the European Union. Some people think that Trump cares about the UK and our standing on the world stage and a great new relationship beckons.

I don’t, and the evidence suggests I am probably right. As someone who is supposed to be our great new buddy, he didn’t bother telling the UK about what he was going to do, let alone listen to our opinion. He just did it, because that’s what he does.

As far as I can see, our relationship with the US will be on their terms and will in all intents and purposes, be one-way traffic. Do as they say or there is no relationship. Do not upset them on confront them, or else.

Harry Dunn

A tragic example of this is the case with Harry Dunn, killed by the wife of an American serviceman who had diplomatic immunity. This has resulted in the parents of Harry Dunn living in a perpetual nightmare where not only is their son dead, the person who killed him is being protected.

It has put the government in an awkward position of their own making. This is because now we are isolated and searching for trade deals, we daren’t upset anyone. The Government has lived in hope that Charlotte, the mother of Harry, will give up and grieve quietly.

Boris Johnson might not care about his children, or even know who they are, but normal people love there children unconditionally and Harry’s mother isn’t going away anytime soon. They can only hope that she dies as well, as it will be the only way she will give up.

BBC Breakfast deserves credit for keeping this story going and in the minds of the public as well as that of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. She remains stuck in an Iranian prison, presumably terrified by recent developments. Boris Johnson’s spectacular jaunt as Foreign Secretary can be credited for that.

The Future

These are just a couple of examples of the mess we have got ourselves into with regards to isolating ourselves. The British government may want to stand up to America and ensure we aren’t just a puppet for Trump, but they can’t risk it.

Someone from work said to me the other day that we have a trade deal with the US already, so it is all just scaremongering from lefty snowflakes. The EU rejected a deal (TTIP) with the US (at least for now) due to health, food and environmental standards amongst other things but it could well be on the table for us. Great!

It seems like when he voted to leave the union, he acted on impulse rather than logic.

Ho hum!

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