Johnson and His Unlikely Friends

Posted on February 3, 2020

“If he is blue collar, he is likely to be drunk, criminal, aimless, feckless and hopeless, and perhaps claiming to suffer from low self-esteem brought on by unemployment.”

That is what Boris Johnson said of the working class. It is strange then, that all those loathsome nationalist oafs see him as their messiah. He hates them, doesn’t he?

A Strange Coming Together

I have been wondering how this coming together happened. After all, it is folk at the bottom of the food chain who will get hit hardest by Brexit. I am happy to be corrected but those dancing around parliament square on Friday didn’t look like solicitors, doctors, engineers and scientists.

If, as I suspect, Boris Johnson hates them, why are they so attracted to him? Is it a kind of Stockholm Syndrome?

I reckon it must be because he has legitimised lying. These bar stool bullshitters and kings of knee jerk reactions are attracted to him because like them, he talks utter shit about the benefit of Brexit. He just does it in a better accent, with bigger words.

Many people have said that these uncivilised mob are a minority and don’t represent Brexit Britain. Well, whilst the government were low key on Friday night, they didn’t condemn or try to tone down unsavoury anti-EU rhetoric. It appears that if they voted for him, Johnson is prepared to turn a blind eye to moronic behaviour.

When Rhetoric is Replaced by Reality

It will be interesting how this shapes up when rhetoric is replaced by reality. Whilst bar stool bullshitters will go back to telling outlandish tales about their prolific sex lives and how tough they are, Johnson must start backing up his bullshit. In a serious world where Britain is in grave danger of not being taken seriously, Johnson may well be found wanting.

Or, now he has what he needed (votes) will he abandon these clowns who took him to power? Maybe not. Maybe will he take them with him on a bizarre and chaotic journey into ‘Boris’s Union of Fascists’? It will be interesting (and possibly frightening) as I can’t work out if he is a liberal who bullshitted these thugs into voting for him, or a genuine populist with a hard-right agenda?

Johnson is such a chameleon it is hard to know what he stands for. Perhaps he doesn’t know himself? He is an object of contradictions, bluster, confused rhetoric and no attention to detail. Those who know him well say he is a nasty fucker who, curiously, also has a child like desire to be loved.

It is a strange time when those who love him the most, are those intent on spreading hate. Especially when they are the ones who, it would appear, will suffer the most from a deregulated society. Maybe this what Johnson wants. No Deals with EU and a bitter race to the bottom?

I have a terrible feeling that history will judge Johnson badly and this is going to have an ugly ending.  

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  • Trevor
    February 4, 2020 (12:09 am)

    I’ve read a couple of articles on boarding school syndrome. I reckon Johnson exhibits the classic symptoms. It certainly is a paradox that he hates the people who seem to love him most, but the fact that someone actually loves him outweighs his personal hatred for them. That said I’m no psychoanalyst.

    He’s definitely an odd one though – and like you say so erratic and full of contradictions. Personally, I think a lot of the ‘lovable buffoon’ thing is just an act and underneath that facade he’s as hard-right as they come. It’s going to be so interesting when it all starts falling apart – when Scotland want their independence and end up like Catalonia and when he’s ‘successfully’ negotiated deals with Australia – (whose PM, Scott Morrison is cut from very similar cloth), but they ultimately fall over on account of the 10,000 miles between the two nations. It’ll also be interesting to see whether his buddy Trump really cares once he’s got access to the British market for American pharmaceuticals and has screwed over the NHS.

    I still maintain that he’ll be found dead in a bath at some point.

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