Why Conspiracy Theorists are Dangerous!

Posted on April 5, 2020

Have a look at the picture above (I took it this evening). I originally thought that it was an impressive kind of cirrus cloud. However, on closer inspection, I have it on good authority from no one of consequence, that it is Covid 19 droplets. They were released by a Chinese 5G network in a bid to zombify us all and shut down the economy.

Bullshit of course, but not dissimilar to some of the nonsense you can read on websites hosted by whack jobs such as David Icke. Some people think conspiracy theories are harmless fun, but they are not. This is because people believe them and get lost in a populist paradise where no one knows what the truth is anymore.

This means that a government, when confronted with an accusation of ineptitude, can deflect the evidence as coming from the same whack jobs who believe the royal family are lizards. A real scandal just gets lost amongst all the chaos.

Disobedient Citizens

Take for instance, the government threatening a clampdown on disobedient citizens during the current health crisis. I live in Hampshire and my business partner lives in Hammersmith, West London. All we are seeing is empty streets, locked up parks and riverside walks and a feeling of being a post holocaust kingdom.

So why are we being threatened with losing our isolated dog walks and bike rides? Why are the government still allowing London building sites with up to 350 tradesmen on them, remain open? Is going on a walk in the wilderness for a few hours more of a threat than working on a building site next to fellow tradesmen?

Now, I can’t claim to be a public health expert but by using a strategy known as ‘the bleeding obvious’, I reckon the dog walk or push bike ride is safer than being on a building site full of people. So is having a barbecue on a beach, although I can get why large public groups of people is brainless.

There is a simple solution to this. If stupid people are having barbecues or picnics in large groups, fine them £100.00. Job done. They won’t do it again and the message will soon get around. There is no need to kick anyone’s head in, as I have seen suggested. We’re not a fascist state just yet, are we?

Then people on pushbikes, out jogging, or walking their dog out in the wilderness, can get on with their life without the worry of being put under house arrest. How can we live in a situation where we are not allowed outside? Mental health issues will outpace coronavirus in a matter of weeks.

The Blame Game

So here is where I look like a conspiracy theorist. I reckon we are being set up. The government have had an awful week with scandals about PPE, testing equipment and ventilators, mounting up. The deaths are mounting up too and as it stands, we don’t quite know whether the social distancing strategy will pay off.

There is a decent chance it will, and everything is going to be okay, eventually. If it doesn’t, who better to scapegoat than the public for not adhering to government policy? The moment someone challenges the government they will simply be laughed off as another whack job conspiracy theorist.

That’s why conspiracy theorists are not just a bit of fun; they are dangerous. They are muddying the waters further and playing into the hands of the government. I’d rather they got a good shoeing than some daft twat having a picnic.

Stay well everyone and fingers crossed for a positive trend this week.

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