If Cummings Goes Down, Johnson Goes With Him!

Posted on May 26, 2020

So, what have we learnt from DomGate?

Personally, it has been confirmation of what I thought would happen.

Dominic Cummings was never going to resign, and Boris Johnson was never going to sack him. In many ways it has been a great exercise in understanding their relationship and how they are as individuals.

It is widely thought that Cummings is a career psychopath, so there was no way he was going to be humble and apologise. But did Johnson hope that Cummings would resign to save him the humiliation of not being able to sack him?

Some say yes. The theory being that Cummings has so much dirt on Johnson, that if he got sacked, Boris was going to go down with him. Those who say no, think that it is more a case of Johnson being a puppet without strings. A good time frontman for Cummings’s ideology, perhaps?

A Bit of Both

It could of course be both. What is clear is that Johnson has been emasculated. Deep down, even his most ardent supporters know that he would have sacked anyone but Cummings. Also, anyone who has studied Johnson’s behaviour, knows it isn’t about loyalty. Johnson doesn’t do loyalty.

Whilst people like me (those who despise Johnson) may be disappointed he didn’t walk or get sacked; it is better than that. Cummings has denied the undeniable and Johnson has defended the indefensible. That looks really shit and Tory moderates know it.

Those wannabe populists who would say it was a good shit in the circumstances if Johnson shat in their mouths, aren’t worth wasting your breath with. It is the moderate Tories and Keir Starmer who can swing this. There is no easy way to get rid of these lunatics, but this complete fiasco helps.

Because what we do know, is this. Cummings is prepared to blatantly lie to the public and Johnson is prepared to defend him. If they are going to sink, they are sinking together, because Cummings has Johnson just where he wants him.

Unelected Bureaucrats

In a time when Brexiteers bleat on about unelected bureaucrats in Europe, they have one running the UK. As one journalist said so succinctly today.

This is a simple story: man, with no ideas is too terrified to sack his ideas man. Or to put it in the complex intellectual terms it deserves, some street heckler once shouted at David Hasselhoff: “Oi! Hasselhoff! You’re nothing without your talking car!” Cummings is the talking car to Johnson’s Hasselhoff”.

Makes you proud to be British, so it does.

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