Not So Much Fun Time for the Blagging Buffoon!

Posted on May 13, 2020

Who would have thought that within six months of being Prime Minister, Boris Johnson would have his friends in the right-wing media circling above him like vultures?

For Johnson to have The Daily Telegraph turning on him is a special moment. It is just unfortunate it is a health crisis he is making a hash of. Although, in truth it would always have taken something like this.

Anyone who has followed Johnson with a reasonably keen eye, will know what he is. A chancer, a buffoon, a charlatan and a pathological liar. The right-wing Tory members supported him to get their Brexit sorted on the back of populist jokes, flag waving and chest beating. They did not bank on a health crisis.

The Tory Dilemma

It has caused all sorts of issues. They knew instantly, that after years of neglect, the NHS was ill equipped to cope. A health service that had repaired roofs when the sun was shining, would have been able to deal with coronavirus quickly. The one that austerity had decimated, could not.

This left the Tories with limited choice. A lock-down that would take the economy down with it, or a herd immunity programme that would all in all likelihood, kill half a million people. They did neither for a while and have ended up hopelessly exposed.

We have the worst death rate in Europe, yet we are still indulging in a desperate attempt to get the economy going again. A gamble with the now famous ‘R rate’ only just below 1. All the dithering and floundering at the beginning of the outbreak has caused thousands of deaths and crushing amounts of money is going out of the treasury to prop business up.

The Tories trying to repair the roof that has been waiting to cave in for ten years and it is pissing down. They are in a cycle they cannot get out of. They cannot afford to prop the economy up for a sustained period but if they send everyone back to work the ‘R Rate’ will likely fizz past 1 again. We will be back where we started.

Blame and Scapegoats

They thought they could blame an unruly public for not adhering to guidance, but the public have behaved better than expected. With populist hate figure Jeremy Corbyn on the opposite bench, they had someone they could call a terrorist sympathiser if he got under their skin.

When the 1922 mob and all the raging Brexiters in the media backed Johnson, they did not bank on coming up against a pandemic. They also did not think one of the best lawyers in the country would be picking them to pieces. They have been caught out for the self-serving opportunists they are, and they are desperately looking for scapegoats.

These billionaire media barons who are living in constant fear of taxmen and peasants with pitchforks, are panicking like fuck and turning on Johnson. Add to that the enemies Johnson has made in the media and his own party by stitching them up over the last few decades. Johnson is in the shit and sinking.

The fun time PM has got the job he craved at the least fun time since WWII. He has not got a clue what he is doing, and despite being given sympathy time by getting the virus and fathering yet another child, he is now on the ropes. His friends list is diminishing, and the opposition leader has him on toast.

To be honest, I am fucking loving it.

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