The Chair of Intelligence & Security

Posted on July 16, 2020

The voting in of Julian Lewis as Chair of Intelligence & Security should be big news. A week ago, Boris Johnson, presumably on the advice Dominic Cummings, tried to force through the appointment of Chris Grayling into this role. It is one Grayling has no experience of.


Grayling has a history of disasters behind him and you could imagine the day after being told to organise a piss up in a brewery, he could be seen outside Fuller’s head office chomping on a Dominoes, saying, “I thought you said order a pizza in a brewery?”

The Chair of intelligence & Security is supposed to be an impartial role, but it is widely thought that by appointing Grayling, the government could get him to hide of the ‘Russia Report’ in return for sticking by him despite an omnishambles of disasters behind him. The Russia report is alleged to show wrongdoing with regards to referendum and election campaigns.


For being voted in, Lewis has now had his parliamentary position taken away from him and Cummings and his mob of unelected bureaucrats, might even try to block the appointment. However, Lewis is popular in the Conservative back benches so that is playing with fire.

Johnson’s government have tried to say the Russia document is nonsense and ‘Bermuda Triangle’ stuff. Really? If that is the case, why are they trying to get rid of it? It wasn’t compiled by a Left-Wing witch hunt, it was written by British security personnel along with former Conservative attorney general, Dominic Grieve. If there is nothing relevant to see, why try and block it?

Johnson and Cummings have enemies circling around them now because whilst political ideology is one thing, corrupting democracy and impartiality is another. Former leaders, Theresa May, and David Cameron, are both extremely concerned about unelected and partial individuals infiltrating impartial roles and it seems the appointment of a dangerous version of Frank Spencer, was a bridge too far.

Waking Up to Corrupt Politics

Most importantly of all, the British public need to wake up and react to this behaviour. Governments of any colour rise and fall by being accountable. Most politicians accept this and indeed, go into politics knowing they will be accountable for the policies they implement.

Boris Johnson, under the guidance of Dominic Cummings, is trying to make his version of the Conservative Party unaccountable and untouchable. Look back in history and see where that type of ideological madness ends up.

The opposition and the Tory backbenchers are doing their best to bring this mob of populists to account, but the public need to get behind them and stop ‘Backing Boris’ as if he is some sort of man of the people. He is not representing them or anyone else but Boris Johnson.

He is not even representing the Conservative Party. There is nothing Conservative about Johnson, just ask those whom he has worked closest to. You could start with Conservative historian, Max Hastings. Johnson is not fit for high office and hopefully the blocking of the appointment of Grayling, is the first sign of a cross party coup to get the waffling moron out of Number 10.

Before it is all too late.

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