Incompetence, Negligence, Deceit and Sleight of Hand

Posted on August 18, 2020

I do sometimes wonder whether this government is just taking the piss just for the fun of it. It meanders from cock up after cock up, to U-turn after U-turn and unashamed corruption on a basis daily, yet some people still try to claim they are doing a great job.

As the latest cock up is distinguished by another U-turn and a grovelling apology from someone who shouldn’t be in the job, the PM is missing once again? Where is he this time? Having another kid? Another holiday perhaps?  

Incompetents and Sycophants

All the cock ups are the result of an inexperienced and incompetent cabinet who are only in the job because they are prepared to follow the lies, deceit, and industrial scale Brexit and Covid19 corruption. Those with any common sense and decency have ran to the back benches, defected, or retired.

All around Johnson are sycophants. Square pegs in round holes being dictated to by Dominic Cummings and all the dodgy outfits he has been handing out taxpayers’ money to. What is so shocking is that not many people care.

An offshore company worth £100 is given rights to cock up the purchase of tens of millions of pounds of PPE. Serco, with a CEO who is the brother of a Tory MP, are given the contract to cock up Track and Trace. The person overseeing the contract is the wife of a Tory MP who believes the NHS should be privatised.

Sleight of Hand

To cover up their cock ups, with a sleight of hand that should be obvious, Serco call Serco Track & Trace, NHS Track and Trace. This at a reasonable guess, is so when it is deemed to be useless, the public can be convinced the NHS messed it up, not the wife and brother of two Tory MP’s.

The cock up with the ‘A’ Levels is just the latest in a long line of disasters. Undertaken by algorithms rather than the teachers who predict grades, it downgraded virtually everyone and tried to suggest teachers were incompetent, not the Government. Public Schools were treated differently, levelling up, Tory style.

Then there is the proposed disbanding of Public Health England. You see, the Government performed brilliantly during Covid but were let down by PHE (Public health England). So, it must now be disbanded and put in the hands of one of Dominic Cummings’s friends to sort it all out. Rumour has it, Serco’s Dido Darding (wife of John Penrose MP) is about to get the gig for that.

Independence cannot be trusted, it must be under the control of the Government, who can release their own algorithms administered from the people on their payroll. These people won’t be wives, husbands, friends, or party donors. We must trust Boris on this, because Boris is trustworthy. Ask anyone who knows him well enough. Try Max Hastings his former boss at The Telegraph or perhaps, Peter Hitchens.

Nutjobs and Brexit

The truth is this is not a Conservative Party. It is a bunch of nutjobs who made a run at Theresa May’s vulnerability, took power and bullshitted the nation about Brexit to seize control of anything that they can make money out of and deregulate to save themselves from scrutiny.

The people of this country need to decide if they want a political party that serves the country first or themselves. I think I know the answer to that, and it is a pitiful one. We are going to sit back and let ourselves be conned as Dominic Cummings and his mates run off with all the public money and remove any laws that make them accountable.

If a rat is smelt, the government can point the masses in the direction of a few hundred brown people stuffed into dinghy’s trying to cross the channel. It’s all their fault, that’s why Brexit is good for all of us.

As a nation, we probably get what we deserve.

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  • Norman House
    August 18, 2020 (11:28 am)

    At a rough guess, I would say that a third, maybe a quarter of the voting public are somewhat politically aware.

    At least a third, maybe more are either thick, easily manipulated, have no political understanding or all of these.

    Another third probably have disengaged/don’t care. In the first band will be people who will vote according to what they think suits them and their position.

    It is often talked about that it is the swing vote that wins the election, personally I think it is the group that are easily manipulated, often in lower socio-economic categories who will believe right-wing propaganda if it is drummed into them enough via right-wing newspapers, right-wing trolls on social media and a mainstream media that can’t bring itself to quite call out all the lies enough to make people take notice.

    I’ve seen a lot of people now reading/researching/quoting non-mainstream sources, some of which have elements of truth but most are full of low-life cranks and social misfits. Some of them are akin to the football transfer In The Knows (ITKs) who can give you the cure for Covid-19 without ever being near a science lab in their life or worse still those who deny its existence altogether.

    Brexit has certainly brought out the polarisation of people, but I wonder if it was already there, it was just that vote that brought it to the fore.

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