Christmas Ending up in Tiers

Posted on November 26, 2020

No one knows what is going on anymore. Not me, not you, not anyone. The term ‘yesterday’s chip paper’, came about as an expression that bad news would soon be forgotten. Now, we are in a period when it should be known as ‘an hour a go’s chip paper’.

It is little wonder that Priti Patel and the government could get away with covering up her bullying antics. They all knew that by Monday, something else would have taken the story off the front page. We are in an era of constant 24-hour newsfeed, where you just can’t keep up.

If you try to pay attention to detail on a subject, by the time you have formed reasonable opinion, no-one is interested anymore. The Priti Patel ‘scandal’ night as well be the Profumo affair. Days are going past like years, so any attempt to be knowledgeable is seen as being out of touch within a day.

Contrived News Releases?

Whether it is a contrived idea or not, I don’t know? However, it suits the government just dandy to be saved from scandal after scandal by the next big news story coming along within hours. It must be said that a lot of the news that comes out just after a crisis, is often populist nonsense. It normally involves Shamima Begum, a heightened terror threat, Syrians on rubber boats or Maddie McCann’s mysterious kidnapper.  

This week, a couple of new ones popped up and it went down a treat with the bar stool fascists. That’s right, foreign aid and public sector wage freezes. Who cares about offshore PPE companies springing up from the Cayman Islands and back when there are some dirty foreigners and scrounging public sector workers to pick on?

“Fair play to Boris and his boys, they may have made a royal cock up with Covid-19 and handed out billions to their mates, but at least those foreigners and civil servants are getting none of it”. It seems to pass people by that foreign aid is to build and secure relations with potential trading partners. It also seems too much for them to imagine what would have happened in the spring, had the public sector collapsed.

How thick are people?

Here Comes the Christmas Debacle

So now, we have Christmas approaching and a tier system that was so good last time, we had to lockdown for a month. I have lost my way with it all now, so I am obviously a bit thick too. Where I live is tier 2. I can go to a pub but only if I am hungry…I think? I can go to any shops but only with a mask on and I can take my kids to visit my dad for up to five days, just to see if they can kill him.

The pub bit I can understand to a point, but the Christmas relaxation stuff confuses me. Unless Covid-19 been given a holiday as well? It is 2020 after all. If you chuck kids and students in the same room as their grandparents in the middle of winter, surely that will cause problems? Maybe it won’t? Perhaps I am missing something?

Professor Hayward

It seems I am not missing something, unless them ruddy experts at SAGE are lying. Here is what Prof Andrew Hayward told BBC2’s Newsnight: “I think it will definitely lead to increased transmission. It is likely to lead to a third wave of infection, with hospitals being overrun, and more unnecessary deaths.

“We are still in a country where we have got high levels of infection with Covid, particularly in young people. Bringing them together for hours, let alone days, with elderly relatives, I think, is a recipe for regret for many families.

“With the vaccine on the way, if we are not very careful over Christmas, we are really in danger of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on this one,” he added. So what are you trying so say Prof?

Ah sod it, he’s only one of those so called experts…did you hear about all those frogs and spiks who have nuclear powered micronets that steal all our fish? That’s thirty per cent of our GDP that is.

Big Ron from The Golden Lion told me. Bleeding foreigners.

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