Corruption Suspicion? Write to the Government Anti-Corruption Champion

Posted on November 16, 2020

One thing many people have noticed recently, is corruption in UK politics. Before Covid-19 hit, it was non-existent freight companies with terms and conditions from a fast-food menu. However, it was the good old coronavirus that sent allegations of corruption into overdrive.

PPE, Test & Trace and Vaccines

Suddenly, newly formed PPE, Test & Trace, and vaccine companies, saw money flying around like confetti at a gangster’s wedding. This is money that we were told for a decade, didn’t exist, particularly if you happened to work for the NHS.

Companies that had no previous experience of Test & Trace were given contracts despite having less knowledge than local councils, who at least had disease spread and prevention departments. Probably the most notable of these contractors, is Serco, specialists in public sector failure.

We don’t know exactly how many hundreds of millions have gone to Serco in exchange for a failing system, but it is a mind-boggling amount. Serco has grabbed the headlines due to Dido Harding being the wife of Conservative MP, and NHS privatisation champion, John Penrose.

Despite these oddities and allegations of industrial scale corruption, people feel helpless to do anything about it. Their protestations fall on deaf ears and they themselves feel the full force of counter-allegations. They are called conspiracy theorist lefties, and we are told that government corruption is merely ‘Bermuda Triangle’ stuff.

Your Anti-Corruption Champion

However, there is help at hand. The Conservative Party, troubled by allegations of nepotism within, acted accordingly. In 2017, they appointed an ‘Anti-Corruption Champion’ to sort all this out. By doing this, they could rid themselves of any allegations of fiscal nepotism.

So, if you have had enough of what appears to be public sector contract nepotism, you can write to the ‘Anti-Corruption Champion’ and get the answers you need. He’s good, because in 2019, he got re-appointed.

His name is John Penrose MP, husband of Dido Harding, who heads up NHS (Serco) Test & Trace and The National Institute for Health Protection, which recently replaced Public Health England. John will sort it all out.

I hope this puts your mind at rest.  

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