Here We Go Again

Posted on January 4, 2021

Lockdown had to happen. In many ways, when it did, I was quite relieved. The longer we were waiting for the inevitable, the more people were being infected and the longer we would have to wait for a countdown out of this crisis.  

At least now, we can look forward (with more than a hint of trepidation) hoping for a bit of luck and a fair wind with the vaccine roll out.  I don’t know what would happen if the vaccine didn’t work properly or the new South African strain out thought it? It doesn’t bare thinking about.

Positives For February?

Everything seems to point to a vaccine failure being highly unlikely if not impossible, so we must all try to run with the positive scenario and hope that by the end of February life looks more positive. Until then, it’s time to metaphorically fasten the old seatbelts, learn to make sourdough bread, and scour through Netflix again.

Another positive to take is that unlike last time, we are at least having the worst season of the year taken away from us. Stepping outside in January is an ordeal and no one really has much of an appetite to go out socialising. Last year we missed out on all the nice stuff that spring and early summer offers. January is depressing anyway, so it’s a good time to try and halt the spread.

The Delays That Cost Time

What I will never understand, is that people who should be far less qualified than the government, knew this had to happen weeks, even months, ago. It was mentioned by several scientists in the late summer that letting the virus power ahead again, was likely to lead to a mutated variant (like the Kent strain that is raging now). Yet there was no circuit break until it was too late, followed by confusing, largely ignored tier systems. Failure to act then, means we have a longer wait now.

I guess all that must wait for another day when there should be a full, independent inquiry, not one headed up by Serco or any other organisation with public sector contracts. If it is not independent, there is no point in having an inquiry. Internal government inquiries are a waste of time. They just end up in Hillsborough style cover ups that don’t come to light until those involved are dead.

A Smooth Operation

I really do hope everyone who reads these posts stays healthy. I suppose all we can do now is sit and watch it all play out. We must hope the vaccine roll out is as smooth as possible, allowing us to look forward to the late spring and summer months. I just hope it is undertaken by people who know what they are doing. We need our imbecilic PM kept well out of harm’s way when his narcissism gets the better of him and he tries to take credit by pretending to be a scientist.

He’ll only cock it all up. After all, we are talking about a PM who tonight spoke of the new highly infectious strain being far more contagious. He said it as if though it was some sort of revelation the public had yet to work out, but he was the one in the know. I can’t work out whether it is him who is the retard, or if he thinks the public are retards?

Probably a bit of both.

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