Tories: Pandemic Parasites

Posted on January 13, 2021

What some people (who would defend Boris Johnson if he pushed his turds through their letterbox) fail to see, is that this latest public sector pandemic scandal is more than just starving kids.

If the country were bankrupt and could only afford to hand out five quid food packages, most people would accept it. It would be awful but if all our resources had gone directly into public services (not public services contractors) and the country was on its knees, what else could we do?

If Chartwells (Compass Catering) were delivering all they could afford for the cost of running their business, they would be applauded for making a token, albeit paltry gesture. If they had been given £7.00 to package and deliver a £5.00 bag of food, what else could they do?

Profit from a Pandemic

But they weren’t. They were making a big profit out of misery in the worst health crisis since the Spanish flu (There will soon be over 100,000 dead, more lives lost than WWII). Compass make a fortune. Their directors are on hundreds of thousands a year and they pay themselves huge bonuses. They also earn enough to pay donations to the Conservative Party as a reward for winning contracts.

So, what, in a crisis, stopped them from undertaking a popular PR stunt that they easily could afford? What stopped them from offering meals at, or just below cost, as an act of public-spirited goodwill in a national crisis?  Greed, that’s what. Greed and the inability to resist being pandemic parasites.

They are not the only ones. The list of businesses that have profited from this public health disaster is endless. Test & Trace, PPE, and School Meals companies have made a fortune by pillaging the public purse of billions, then paying themselves huge salaries and fat bonuses for their trouble.

A huge swathe of them given contracts without tender or due diligence by their mates in the Tory Party. Some have pillaged with subtlety, others, like, Serco, with the brazen arrogance of knowing no one will bother doing anything about it. Many of these contractors are based offshore, so they are not even contributing tax. They are thieves in corporate suits.

Tories. Pandemic parasites.

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