Northern Ireland – Just One Reason for Not Having Referendums

Posted on April 9, 2021

Out of the many good reasons there were for not foisting a referendum on the public, Northern Ireland must be one of the best. I would say 95% of Brexit voters didn’t even know what Good Friday Agreement was and why Brexit would jeopardise its being.

There is now a situation that, unless the whole of Ireland is to become a united member of the EU, is unsolvable. Utterly unsolvable and obvious as to why Theresa May was so keen to fudge a Brexit deal that allowed the UK to remain in the Customs Union.

Now Brexit is unfolding, the situation in Ireland is simple to understand but impossible to solve.


To stop a land border being created, Northern Ireland has, in effect, remained in the customs union. Because of this, any goods from a third country must be checked at its ports. In this case the UK is the third country (because it chose to be one) so all goods must be checked at docks and airports (costing time and money).

Of course, this could be resolved by removing Northern Ireland from customs union rules and therefore allowing the free movement of goods from the UK. By doing this, a border would then have to be recreated between the North and South of Ireland. This is because the Republic of Ireland is in the EU and is therefore a member of the customs union we pulled out of.

This, as anyone with one or more brain cells will know, would result in geopolitical and indeed, economic disaster. The Good Friday Agreement would lay in tatters and Brexit would be responsible for its first war, just four months into a life living in the sunlit uplands. It is an utter cock-up, and no one is to blame but the British government.  

Denying the Undeniable

They can hoist as many Union Jack flags as they want, they can blame the EU as much as they want, they can blame rioting youngsters on the streets of Northern Ireland as much as they want, but this one is them and the people who enabled them by voting to leave the EU and the Customs Union.  
It is they who pulled us out of the EU and the Customs Union and no amount of bar stool bullshit from perpetual fantasists, can cover up the facts. The UK, once a key member of the European Union, chose this path to chaos, no one else was involved. It is an utter disaster of our own making.

The purpose of removing borders in Ireland was to allow those in the north to keep their identity. It was designed to allow both Irish and British people feel like they belonged to the region equally. It was fragile at times (some refused to accept it) but it’s concept was one of genius and it was working and evolving. It is now in a perilous state. What a crying shame for those who engineered it.

So, as a challenge, find a friend who voted Brexit and ask them how the Good Friday Agreement works and how it can be kept intact. Then stand well back as they get flustered and try to blame the French or Jeremy Corbyn.

When they have stopping talking shit, tell them that referendums are stupid idea. Then finish by saying, “Fact. End of. Get over it, you fucking idiot”.

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