Storms are for Woke Lefties

Posted on February 19, 2022

The other day, I made a joke that 99% of people who were acting hard in the face of storm Eunice were the types who voted Brexit. What I didn’t predict was that I was right.

From Wednesday until today’s aftermath, these people have been proving how tough they are. Before the storm, it was all about how back in the day, it was just called a storm. We put a jacket on and just got on with it. 

Storm in Tea Cup

Now the storm is over, the fact that only three people died is seen a proof Eunice was massively overhyped. 122mph might have been the highest wind speed in English history but that wasn’t important. It was all a storm in a tea cup, apparently. 

Was it? Well, on the daft journey I made to my brother’s house (4 miles away) I saw several felled trees. This included part of one that landed on my car, causing minor damage. It would have caused substantial damage to my head if I had been standing next to it. I’m obviously not very hard because I was shitting bricks on the drive back. 

Record Wind

Yesterday’s storm was indeed a substantial one. I took the dog out earlier today and there were trees down all over the place. The reason that only 3 people died is because schools and offices were shut and transport services were cancelled. Why? Because of the advanced warnings from the Met Office.

Talking of the Met Office, what a great job they did. As early as last weekend, they knew trouble was brewing. The storms were not yet showing on the radar but complex computer systems and a powerful jet stream gave forecasters the information they required. They were spot on and deserve enormous credit.

Storm Names

Still, this hasn’t stopped the anti-woke hard nuts getting wound up about the naming of storms. Why this makes them so I angry, I do not know? The idea of naming storms is to alert the public that there may be a minor (yellow) moderate (amber) or severe (red) threat of disruption or danger to life.

What’s wrong with that? Should we all just man up and take a risk? If a tree derails a train and kills 150 people so be it, at least it shows we got on with it. Okay, we would be dead but at least the wind didn’t scare us and we didn’t have to hear about storm names.

Bleeding ‘Elf and Safety

If you believe in health & safety in the work place, wearing masks in shops, or staying at home in 90mph winds, you are a big softy.  Of course, a sane person might argue that by administering all of the above, people reduce risk to themselves and those around them. This, in turn, relieves the pressure on the emergency services.

But it won’t make you look hard at The Red Lion. Down there, storm Eunice was invented by the anti-woke mob. That’s why those bloody remoaners called it Eunice. You know what that means don’t you?

EU Nice!!!!

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