A Right Jubilee Pickle

Posted on June 2, 2022

Whenever royal events come along (which seems like once a month) I always find they get my knickers in a twist. It’s not just because I am apathetic to the monarchy, it’s more the hypocrisy of it all.

Miller and the Mortgage

The first thing I saw this morning was that, Maria Miller MP, was to be made a Dame. Miller got caught red handed indulging in mortgage fraud about 15 years ago. She was let off with it by making an apology. Anyone reading this would have done a stretch in an open prison for that offence. Miller got a ticking off and reluctantly apologised. Now she is named in the Queen’s honours list along with a host of other crooks.

Now, if I had heard this morning that the Queen had said, “Maria Miller…is one right when one recalls that she got done for mortgage fraud? If so, one believes she can take a fucking hike”, I would be outside right now, putting up the bunting whilst Dame Vera Lyn blasted out of my Alexia.

But that never happens, does it? People who are proven crooks get honours for reasons we’d probably be better off knowing about and the Status Quo continues. Someone rightly said to me that the Queen merely endorses honours put in front of her and it is a fair point. However, what would happen if she refused? Is there something in the Magna Carta that says her head will be lopped off if she doesn’t comply?

Sir Keir and Patriotic Duty

So, just when I was hoping there might be some sanity in politics, up pops Keir Starmer. Keir apparently says it is our “Patriotic duty to celebrate the Jubilee”. I’m sorry to say this about someone who might unseat that imbecile, Johnson, but what is Starmer talking about? Unless we have become an authoritarian state when I wasn’t looking, people have the right to do as they please. Having republican tendencies is not a crime, or it wasn’t the last time I checked.

I assume that Starmer is saying this in an attempt to pull in some blue rinse Tories that can’t stand the sight of that lying oaf, Johnson. What he seems to have forgotten about this vote enticing masterstroke is that he is alienating as much support as he gains. “Patriotic Duty”, in my opinion, is an appalling use of words as it appears authoritarian. I am hoping The Telegraph have been playing with his words and quoted him out of context. Whatever the case, the Tories who hate Johnson are defecting to the Liberal Democrat’s not Labour.


Personally, I don’t really understand patriotism. I guess if there is one way of being so, it is to stay on the right side of the law and pay taxes that contribute to public services (schools, hospitals, libraries, swimming pools, playing fields etc). It won’t get you a knighthood though.

You need to be a tax avoider, a crook or a sex offender if you want yourself a gong.

2 Replies to "A Right Jubilee Pickle"

  • Norman House
    June 2, 2022 (6:05 pm)

    I would be a lot more in favour of having a monarch if they had more powers of veto rather than it being a ceremonial role. There are several instances in this government’s time where it could have been applied – Prorogue of parliament, Rwanda/treatment of refugees & PPE fraud, to name but a few. But without this veto or any real power, it seems pointless.

    I don’t buy the tourism argument, as the people would come regardless of whether the Queen was funded by the taxpayer or not.

    Similarly, I haven’t been a fan of the 2nd chamber – The House of Lords. However, recently they have been putting some checks and balances on some of this government’s ridiculous bills and at least some of them read them, so they are at least fulfilling some level of function and usefulness.

    We live in a close with just 18 households and we are having a street party (tomorrow). 17 of these households are coming, so there will be 40 odd people. One couple is on holiday and everyone is mucking to prevent it being the whole street and all are mucking in to do some food or the facilitation. I don’t think anyone is particularly jingoistic, it’s just a chance to have a few drinks and some food and music (I’m doing it) and a bit of a laugh.

    As you’d probably guess, I’m not a great fan of bunting and everyone who knows me on the street is aware of that. My partner, although not an outrageous royalist, was keen, so we had a laugh with our immediate neighbours when I helped her put it up on our house. We are at the end of the cul-de-sac, so the party will be at the bottom of our drive.

    I’m not going soft in my old age, it’s just there are many more things to be angry about than a few flags, when basically it was the Brexit nonsense that brought the displaying of the Union Jack into further disrepute.

  • Norman House
    June 2, 2022 (6:08 pm)

    * Too much ‘mucking’ in my sentences!

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