It’s Summer, Get Over It – Big Frank Down The Red Lion Told Me!

Posted on July 15, 2022

I have always wondered why certain people use severe weather warnings to look hard.

In the winter it is, “Yes, it’s going to snow…guess what, it’s winter”. In the summer it is “Wow it’s going to be hot…it’s called summer, get over it”.  If there is a storm warning that might disrupt travel or bring down power lines, it’s, “In my day it was known as a windy day, end of”.

Why on earth would someone want to get angry about the Met Office offering weather warnings? We are not forced to listen to them, and in any case, surely it is a good thing if someone escapes death or injury by taking heed?

Major Disruption

It looks like the impending heatwave will cause major disruption, or at least the potential to. According to experts (yes them ruddy lot again!) there is a high chance of flights being delayed, train tracks warping, power being lost, mobile signals going down, water supply being affected, tarmac melting and an increased likelihood of road traffic accidents.

On top of this, when exposed to extreme heat, anyone can be affected. These incidents can vary from those with breathing difficulties or heart conditions, to people risking severe shock by exposing themselves to cold water in lakes and the sea in a bid to cool off. When we are on holiday, we are relaxed and can deal with heat. If we are working or travelling at home, it’s a different story. For the likes of me and millions of others, I also have to look out for a black dog who is at his happiest at anything below 18 centigrade.

Evidence of Heating Up

Someone said to me the other day that there is no real evidence summers are any different to what they have always been. I argued this point by stating that since 2003, Britain has had 7 of its 10 hottest summers since accurate recordings began in 1910. Anyone with a functioning brain would realise that is more than a coincidence but not this guy. He knew different.

If it gets over 38.7 centigrade somewhere on Monday or Tuesday, another record will tumble. 2019 will feel a little hard done by as it will have only held the record for 3 years as opposed to 2003, which at least got 16 years at the top. Between 2003 and 2019, the record was nearly beaten on several occasions with temperatures regularly higher than those achieved in the famed summer of 1976.

2019 nearly lost top spot a year later in the scorching Covid summer of 2020 with Heathrow (37.8c) just missing out on Cambridge’s 38.7c. Even in our poor summers since 2003, we have had transient heatwaves with temperatures hitting 35- 36c. The deniers can deny all they want; the heatwaves are getting hotter. The statistics are there in black and white.

That said, Big Frank down at The Red Lion reckons it’s all a load of old bollocks and Big Frank knows his shit. He’s right hard, he is.

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