Johnson’s Chaotic Exit is Almost Done

Posted on July 6, 2022

I have needed to write this down as it is scarcely believable.

1/ Boris Johnson was warned about the predatory sexual conduct of Chris Pincher.

2/ He went ahead and employed him anyway.

3/ Chris Pincher conducted himself in a way a sexual predator would.

4/ Boris Johnson sent his MP’s out to say he knew nothing of Chris Pinchers behaviour.

5/ It was proved in a letter from Simon McDonald, Johnson did know about Pinchers behaviour before employing him, and ignored it.

6/ Johnson said he forgot that he was warned about Pincher’s behaviour.

7/ Johnson apologised and his MP’s who defended him looked ridiculous.

Lie, Deny, Apologise

This may be what finishes him, but the story follows the same pattern as all the others. Lie, deny, get caught out, apologise and repeat. It is utterly ridiculous that it has taken so long for the dam to finally collapse under the weight of resignations. Even now, as I write this, there are still some defending him and seizing the vacant cabinet roles.

If you didn’t already know that Johnson is a dangerous narcissist, here is the evidence. Johnson still thinks he can run the country. He still thinks he is Churchill and still thinks he has the love of the people behind him. The reality is the only support he maintains, comes from the wonky-eyed Ukippers and bar stool fascists.

Changing the 1922 Executive

It is going to be an extraordinary end to his leadership which could, bizarrely, end in him being forcibly removed from office. It is bordering on poetic that in the end, it will take the bending and changing of the ‘vote of confidence’ rules to end his tenure. It seems a bit sinister, but Johnson is quite possibly the last person on planet earth who could justifiably squeal about foul play.

Changing the rules of the 1922 Executive is seen as the nuclear option. To do so there will be a vote which will allow another confidence vote as early as next week. It is thought that Graham Brady may well plead with Johnson to resign and avoid this scenario. However, Johnson looks like if he is going down, the reputation of the conservative party is going down with him.

It’s an undignified end but he still doesn’t see it. In the house of commons today, he was frantically dealing in whataboutism as he tried to tar anyone speaking against him, with his own brush. As a narcissist, he will be struggling to come to terms with it. Paranoia is setting in and he is lashing out as the walls tumble around him.

Human Empathy

When someone is suffering like Johnson is now, human instinct can allow one to feel a degree of sympathy. When John Major was stabbed in the back and subsequently battered in the 1997 election, I can remember feeling at least some empathy. He didn’t seem like a terrible human being in a political party full of awful people.

With Johnson, I feel no empathy. He is the worst kind of human. He has caused chaos and misery to anyone foolish enough to get near him. He is such an awful person; he was prepared to shatter trade agreements and destabilise Northern Ireland to get becoming Prime Minister done. It is a tragedy what Johnson has done to Britain’s standing on the world stage. How can you feel pity for that?

Everyone was Warned

As for those in the party who voted for him to become leader of their party and are now feeling a sense of shame, they can’t say they weren’t warned. Tories who had worked with him in government and the media offered warning after warning. They told of Johnson being a sociopath, a narcissist, a gold medal liar, and a serial cheat with an almost indescribable sense of entitlement. A sense of entitlement that even his tutor at Eton, the home of the entitled, could barely fathom. Yet, like domestic abuse victims, they gave him the benefit of the doubt because he was charismatic.

As for the British public who voted for Johnson, they are probably best summed up by Sid Vicious when Tony Wilson asked him if he wrote for the man in the street.

“I’ve met the man in the street and he’s a cunt“.

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  • Norman House
    July 6, 2022 (7:02 pm)

    Yes, you can’t argue with that, Bob.

    I suppose the only thing to say is the party members voted for him rather than the public. The reality is though they did vote for him, rather than the Tories – or many did because the mainstream media said he was a funny, bubbly, get-it-done sort of chap with funny hair; an eccentric but a loveable one. It’s either him or the devil incarnate – Corbyn. Your choice people, stupid people!

    On that score – I tend to agree with Sid Vicious about the average man on the street.

    There were two women on the phone in today on Jeremy Vine show. I don’t normally watch it, but I follow Marianna Purkiss on Twitter, who was one of the studio guests, so I tuned in.

    If the phone-ins hadn’t actually spoken, I would be convinced they were invented trolls, but they did speak:.
    Marianna asked the first one why she supported Boris Johnson. She just said ‘I like him and he has done good things’.
    ‘What things?’ Marianna responded.
    ‘He got the brexit done and I voted for the brexit.’

    The other one was a dyed-in-the-wool Tory who just said he should be forgiven his minor misdemeanours… yeah like ignoring sexual predators, breaking the law, lying continuously and all the other nonsense!
    There is no hope for these people.

    One caller said ‘He’s the worst prime minister in my lifetime.’
    ‘And how old are you’ asks Vine, assuming he was younger…
    ‘I’m 75!’

    Yeah, there are some sensible people out there.

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