Truss – Ready to Lead by Watching the Crowd and Running to the Front!

Posted on July 21, 2022

So, Liz Truss is ‘ready to lead, trusted to deliver’. By whom exactly?

By the Lib Dems she was president of at university? By the Remain voters she campaigned vigorously on behalf of in 2016? Or the swivel eyed ERG freaks who have done so much damage to the UK.

Trusting Truss

Why would anyone in their right mind trust Liz Truss to deliver? There’s a simple answer to that. It’s the swivel eyed lunatics in the Tory membership. They think they have got themselves a new Thatcher. Truss, overwhelmed by a manic desire to be leader, is even dressing up like her and trying to offer some kind of ‘Iron Lady’ persona.

Truss seems to have forgotten we are in a different era and that by gaining the votes of the Tory membership, it will be representative of what she gains at an election. Maybe it will be? Maybe the public can be fooled into flogging a dead horse one more time by backing tried and failed populist policies. Surely not again?

Populist Tax Cuts

There was a global financier on Newsnight the other week explaining how populist governments steal from the public purse. They get away with it by bribing voters with low taxes. Eventually, with no taxes coming in, public services collapse. Sri Lanka is an extreme example of how low, or no taxation, ends up, but it is a good one.

Scandinavian countries are a perpetual example of how higher but fair taxation leads to a happier society with excellent public services. These countries continually top the human contentment charts, yet in the UK and the States, on we plod. Continued unfair taxation and governments driven on by non-domiciled newspaper barons that spread fear and hate to deflect the masses from their crimes.

Truss might think she is the new Thatcher, but she is anything but. With Thatcher, the opposition and the people knew what she was. A highly intelligent, fearsome, and formidable orator with a heavyweight cabinet and a belief she was taking Britain on the right path. You may have hated or respected her, but everyone knew what Thatcher stood for.

What is Liz Truss

What is Liz Truss? Despite evidence to the contrary, she must have a brain. Her dad was a professor of mathematics, her mother a nurse, a teacher, and an active CND campaigner. So how did someone from a solid socialist background and an education at Merton College, Oxford, become such a chameleon. She is like an educated Grant Shapps without the aliases.

It can only be a manic and disturbing desire to lead at any cost, with all lingering principles chucked in the bin. It means having a skin so thick that she will spot which way the crowd is running and run to the front without even blushing. A trick learnt from Boris Johnson, perhaps? Johnson, the man she still backed when all he had left to defend himself was the indefensible.

Liz Truss was bought up a socialist and has moved all the way across the political spectrum to become a far-right populist. How can anyone who is right in the head believe that she is trusted to deliver? In fact, I’d never thought it would be possible to utter this sentence.

She’s even worse than Johnson.

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