Punching Down on Those Cutting Back

Posted on August 31, 2022

There was a debate on the radio the other day about fuel crisis and the impending winter.

It’s quite amazing how many people this is going to have a detrimental effect on. We are talking millions. The price hikes are so high, meaning like many people, I have kind of gone into denial.

A schoolteacher came on to the show and explained quite succinctly how ‘luxury’ things like his gym membership and annual two week holiday would probably have to go, and that was just for starters. After that, he’d work out what is next to be cut.

Angry Man

This led to a follow up call from a really angry bloke. He couldn’t wait to tell the world he’d done alright for himself and how the price hikes wouldn’t affect him.

Why was he angry then?

Well, it was the whinging schoolteacher, you see. Coming on the radio to bleat about not having a holiday or a gym membership. I think he might have even said ‘aw diddums’ as he assassinated the character of a schoolteacher who was merely explaining that he would have to cut back on pleasure.

Is that where we have got to? People who have done alright for themselves punching down on those who are having to give up the the little things in life they enjoy? Is it really coming to that? Effectively standing up for CEO’s paying themselves six figure salaries and eye watering bonuses whilst laying the boot into people who will find it hard.

The last time I checked, gym membership and holidays were good for physical and mental well-being. What it now seems is that those who chose to be public servants are getting what they deserve. If mad Frank down at the pub can afford it, so can everyone else. If they can’t, they should sacrifice enjoyment, pipe down and shut up!

Waking up to the Scam

It does make me wonder when these people will wake up and realise they are being scammed. Will it take pictures of frozen corpses being dragged out of bungalows and public facilities like libraries being created as ‘Warm Banks’? Warm Banks for fuck’s sake! This is something that is genuinely being looked at by libraries and museums in major cities.

I find it a bit sad that swathes of people have been trained since the early days of Thatcherism to believe that as long as they are okay, everyone else will just have to lump it. That’s not what makes a good society. Where is the collective displeasure of public utilities being fleeced whilst the consumer suffers?

I sometimes wonder if the money heists on public services are so ridiculous, people just write them off as left-wing conspiracies against the wealthy. Maybe I have nailed it and that’s the answer? A rip off so blatant, it can’t be true. There can be no other reason for punching down like that.

They’ll be no utility bosses worrying about their bills this winter, that’s for sure.

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