Record Vacancies isn’t a Good Thing

Posted on August 13, 2022

When Boris Johnson got resigned, he left office boasting of record vacancies. This was parroted by his supporters as a wonderful achievement. It’s not though is it.

Not Enough People

The reason there is record vacancies is because there are not enough people to do the jobs. I am not an expert in many things, but I do know my stuff when it comes to recruitment. Jobs that used to be snapped up are not being filled, even with inflated rates.

People still try to blame Covid, but we should all know that the elephant in the room is Brexit. No one wants to come to the UK anymore because we have made it a hostile place. Why work in London when there are plenty of jobs in Berlin, Paris, Rome, and Madrid, where there are no restrictions on movement?

Inflation and Stagnation

This is causing inflation and stagnation of output or production. Having record vacancies is no use if you have no one to do the jobs. Anyone who studies the job market would have seen this coming the minute the UK decided to exit the Customs Union.

This is made more galling by the fact that Boris Johnson supported Brexit not because he believed in it, but because it was a route to power. To get ahead of his old rival, David Cameron, he had to have an alternative and populist Euroscepticism was it. Had Cameron been a Brexiteer, Johnson would have been a Remainer.

Drifting into Populism

We have, therefore, drifted into right-wing populism. It is a world where the word ‘Traitor’ is thrown around loosely but aggressively at anyone who has seen through this madness. A traitor is someone who causes damage by betrayal of a person, a cause or principle. Johnson was prepared to wreck his own nation’s global standing in pursuit of power. He should be tried for treason.

There is only one solution. That is not to open our doors to workers from India, Australia and wherever else. It is to have movement of labour with our nearest trading partners. That means finding a way to rejoin the Customs Union and allow labour and goods to flow freely in and out of the UK.

There is no other solution.

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