Liz Trussterfuck and Her Growth Policy That No One Wants

Posted on October 13, 2022

A while back, I was talking to a surgeon I know through cricket. He talked of an obsession with growth and people’s inability to understand that resources aren’t infinite. Not long after, David Attenborough spoke of the same thing.

Anti-growth Coalition

At the Tory Party conference last week, a new phrase came to the fore. It was called the ‘Anti-growth Coalition’.  It was meant to have the same impact as ‘Get Brexit Done’ and drive a positive response from the British public, making them turn on green thinking snowflakes.

A deeper look into ‘Growth, Growth, Growth’, indicates aggressive deregulation. This means companies being freed from the shackles of health & safety, workers’ rights, environmental controls, and planning laws. It lifts the ban on fracking and allows for more building in green areas.

An Ideology for the Rich

The individuals pushing this ideology are very rich. They want to get even richer and by doing so, they can convince the public the wealth will flow down and benefit all. Even if this ideology bucked 20th and 21st Century trends and worked, who really wants growth at all costs?

Who wants water companies (who are bad enough as it is) free from the shackles of regulation, or farmers crushed by a race to the bottom, reducing their standards on what they feed their cattle? Do we want to eat crops sprayed with chemicals that have not been checked for environmental damage or public health issues?

With regards to planning laws, who really wants industrial estates and residential areas built without consultation? I don’t see it being popular with traditional conservatives. It’s in the title of their party; their role is to conserve, not to smash down and concrete over green belt areas without due diligence. Truss is playing with fire on that one.

Playing With Fire

She is also playing with fire with regards to immigration. It’s rare that I can claim to be an expert on anything, but I am just that, with regards to labour demands and freedom of movement (I have 27 years of recruiting experience). A key selling point of Brexit was the lie that EU migrants were stealing British jobs. Strange then, that since the closing of borders, there has been a labour crisis like no other in farming, construction, engineering, retail, and leisure.

So, with this boom caused by the lowering of corporation tax, abolishing bankers’ bonuses and smashing apart regulation, where is the labour coming from? EU workers can’t come here anymore and don’t want too anyway. The pound isn’t worth a carrot, and they have found other work in places where they don’t get told to fuck off back to where they came from?

The Indian Option

India is an option, I suppose. A trade deal with unstable populist, Narendra Modi, looked like it may open borders to Indian workers. However, perpetual lunatic, Suella Braverman, has already upset them, so don’t hold your breath on that happening. Whatever the case, was shutting the borders to EU workers and opening them to Indian ones, what Brexiteers voted for? I didn’t vote Brexit, so I don’t know.

Basically, Liz Truss’s growth policy is a load of old twaddle written down on a fag packet and pushed along by carpetbaggers that fund the party. It can’t and won’t work. You can’t make an economy grow by making a few people richer and a lot of people poorer. Added to that, traditional blue rinse Tories don’t want pollution, poor public health, and unregulated planning. It’s not what they live for.

That’s why our most recent Prime Minister (the 4th since Brexit) is being dubbed Liz Trussterfuck and will be gone within six months. I’d never thought I’d say it, but she is even worse than Johnson and that is some achievement. The Conservative Party has been hijacked by spivs and carpetbaggers and its days are numbered.

On we travel.   

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