A Traitor and the Very worst of Men

Posted on June 13, 2023

Boris Johnson knew what was coming. He knew there was a suspension and a by-election coming his way. So, he did what Boris Johnson has always done. He lied, blustered, and blamed. It was everyone else’s fault. Johnson is the victim in all this.

A Kangaroo Court

It was a Labour Party stitch up. A kangaroo court that had already decided to label him a liar and a crook. How dare they? How dare anyone question a man who has got away with lying, deceiving, and cheating for his entire life? From Eton to Oxford, to the corridors of national newspapers, into parliament, the mayor’s office and finally as PM, he got away with it, so how very dare they hold him to account?

He even turns on his own. The House of Lords blocked peerages, so he challenged Rishi Sunak to overturn it. Sunak, belatedly perhaps, realised you don’t do favours for a charlatan and said no. How dare he say no to Johnson? No one says no to Johnson and if they do, he will send out his attack dogs from The Telegraph.

Attack Dogs Lunatics and Weirdoes

Johnson is running out of attack dogs. He still has the drunken lunatics, Dickensian weirdoes, conspiracy theorists and barstool bullshitters on his side, he always will. However, there is not much left after that, now the havoc he has wreaked on Britain is coming to the fore. So now he is lashing out, smashing the party he led, to pieces. He is ensuring it is wrecked so it faces a collapse in the by-elections and general election.

Then he will claim that that if he wasn’t ousted by traitors, kangaroo courts and backstabbers in his own party, everything would have been fine. This mess is the Tory Party’s fault. They shouldn’t have gone near him. They shouldn’t have given him cabinet roles in a bid to keep him close. Neither Cameron or May trusted him, but they feared populism and were too cowardly to remove him from politics.

Stark warnings

They had plenty of opportunities to oust him. They were warned by Tory grandees, newspaper editors, schoolmasters, and former wives’ and mistresses of the damage he would inflict. He was a renown narcissist whose foolhardy and arrogant manner along with no resistance to a free lunch, raucous parties, and lavish backhanders, could compromise national security.

They knew he was a crook. Yet they allowed him to see what way the crowd was running and get to the front and lead it with bluster, bullshit, and Union Jack pants. When all is said and done, David Cameron and his advisers are equally as big culprits as Johnson. Pandering to the Brexit crackpots and giving them a referendum, rather than telling them to pipe down, Cameron offered Johnson a back door to power.


Maybe Cameron didn’t know that Johnson would go back on his word and back Brexit, but he should have. By then, good people in politics and the civil service had worked Johnson out. They knew the scruffy demeanour, falling off bikes and getting stuck on trapezes, was all an act of buffoonery. They would have warned Cameron, but he gambled, loaded his guns, then, when Brexit became reality, he ran off home for his tea.

Johnson will try to return. Whether it is as the self-titled saviour of the Tory Party that he has left in a state no better than Trump’s Republican movement, or as Johnson’s Union of Fascists, he will try again. He will likely fade away like a modern-day Moseley, but he will cause as much damage as he can.

Johnson is The Real Traitor

It’s the only way Johnson knows. There has been a lot of talk of traitors since that fateful Brexit day in 2016. There is none bigger than Johnson. Isolating Britain, tanking the economy, overseeing a care home genocide, and allowing industrial scale theft of public money by those who fund him and his party. Billions and billions of pounds disappeared under his watch.

Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. A true traitor. The very worst of men

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