The Mad World of Deadcatting Schofield

Posted on June 1, 2023

I always find it all a bit mad when an alleged TV star sexual abuse story emerges.

People of a certain ilk quickly forget the fact they can’t afford to go shopping and pile in with more venom than an outback viper. It drives them out of their minds. Any punishment is too good for a paedo. “Electrocute the bastard, I’ll pull the fucking lever, if they like”.

The New Savile

Within hours of being accused of lying to Holly Willoughby, the impeccably beautiful innocent victim in all this (note slight sarcasm there) Phil Schofield is suddenly the new Jimmy Savile. That’s quite a claim, especially based on rumour and hearsay. Isn’t it good to see that lessons have been learned by the death of Caroline Flack?

What is it what sends these people into such mob incandescence? It has to be said that in my experience, they are the same people who send memes objectifying very young women on the various work and social WhatsApp groups I have the misfortune of being on. The fifty-something bombarding fiends with ‘Phil’ll Fix It’ memes always seems to be the same deranged guy who sends memes of young women on a pushbike saying, “Phwoooar, I wish I was that saddle”.

Services to Deadcatting

I have come to the conclusion that hating paedos must be some sort of moral bar these types have set themselves. “I might be deranged but at least I’m not a paedo… well, not quite, anyway”. It may be just a coincidence but these people are often single. They themselves appear to be victims of arrested development courtesy of a stubborn front cortex that remains undeveloped and entrenched in its late teens.

The obsession with sex offenders or alleged sex offenders is an ideal ‘dead cat’ in the wacky world of politics. It is big news, so a failing government, who this week has been accused of corruption and cover ups (ooh, there’s a shock) must be well chuffed. Boris Johnson would do well to add Schofield to his honours list for ‘services to dead catting’.

As the government frantically try to delay, hide and alter Covid evidence, Pip Schofield’s demise remains big news. What a result for the Government corruption unit. The BBC can’t get enough of it either. Presumably because it run by dodgy Tories and ITV is a big independent rival. I am still coming terms with the fact that I now watch Sky and ITV news because they are more impartial than the Beeb. Who’d have thought it?

Tarred, Feathered, Finished

As for Schofield, I don’t really know much about him. It appears in an age of multi-channels, he is the one of the last of the big money, all-purpose presenters on a contract to present several shows. He is finished now, consigned to the same dustbin as Michael Barrymore, John Leslie, and others I can’t think of. There is no way back from alleged grooming of a young man, even if he is innocent.

So, with that in mind, should we all kick Schofield when he is down and feel good about our moral superiority? It kind of feels quite a low moral bar to set ourselves doesn’t it? The guy is tarred and feathered until the day he meets his maker, is that not enough? If there has been any wrongdoing, the police will come knocking and he will be charged. Can’t it just be left at that?

No it can’t. We have to allow the lowest common denominator to be judge and jury and that’s just how the present government like it. People frothing at the mouth with their tenuous links to morality whilst ‘operation cover up’ is in full swing.

Barking mad, so it is.

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