The World’s on Fire and We Don’t Care!

Posted on July 18, 2023

I started following a thread about Sunday’s tennis final yesterday. It focussed on how outrageous Novak Djokovic’s behaviour was when he smashed his tennis racquet into the net post. People were absolutely seething that the hallowed centre court was being abused in such a manner.

The End of the World

From where I was sat, I saw a bloke approaching the end of his time as, ‘The Goat’, boiling over at the realisation a new man was in town. I felt his pain. It was a dramatic and very public example that time waits for no man. As a PR move, I would have asked Djokovic to pay for the damage, sign the damaged post, and auction it off, with funds going to a designated charity.

What I am saying, is it isn’t the end of the world. However, the intense heat engulfing the central belt of the world might be the start of the end. Southern Europe, America and China, are literally bursting into flames and we don’t care. Perhaps it’s because we are currently having pretty dismal weather in the UK? Or maybe we just don’t want to know? There is enough bad shit going on in the world without having to worry about climate oblivion.

As Bad as Anyone…Or Am I?

I’m as bad as anyone. The subject came on a Radio 5 talk show the other day. so I put BBC Stereo Underground on BBC Sounds, instead. It had to be done. I already felt as sense of gloom on a, somewhat ironically, wet and cool drive through Andover, so I chose denial. Sometimes its the only way out because bad news overload is not healthy. So, as soon as guest on the show said, “Global oblivion is coming faster than we expected”, I thought, “fuck this, I’ll listen to some punk music for half an hour”.

I say I’m as bad as anyone but thinking about, that’s being a bit disingenuous on myself. For starters, I have more time for ‘Stop Oil’ protesters than the people who lay the boot into them. I also recycle, and bore people to death with my loathing for rogue water companies poisoning Britain to death. I’d even buy an electric car if it the cost of it wouldn’t send me spiralling into bankruptcy. Why are they so bloody expensive?

Do Our Best Because Corporate CEO’s Won’t

But it’s probably all a bit futile being righteous. Not enough people care and the CEO’s who make huge dividends couldn’t give a toss about life after them. They are all narcissists, so they will believe that once they are dead there will be no point in the planet existing anyway. People who run privatised public services are so absorbed in themselves, the last thing they care about is what will happen after they have met their maker. That’s a huge issue. If the CEO’s running companies that bribe government’s don’t care, what hope have we got?

The only thing us peasants can do, is try. By recycling, sharing Tweets by Feargal Sharkey, sending a few quid here and there to The Good Law Project and sticking our paper and plastic in the correct bins, we can say, “Oh well…I gave it a go”, as the flames lick at our front door. It’s better than saying we couldn’t be arsed or sitting on a bar stool ridiculing climatologists whilst claiming 1976 was worse.

Anyway, more importantly, did you hear about how much Arsenal paid West Ham for Declan Rice?

The world’s gone mad.

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