Warmish Weather Set to Blast Britain

Posted on August 8, 2023

Britain is bracing itself for two days of warmish weather to hit our shores. In scenes that some forecasters are predicting will be a bit like August, people have been advised to wear a T-shirt and take their jackets off.

Hotter than Finland

The normal temperatures and dry conditions are set to blast into Britain on Wednesday and Thursday before it becomes dreary and miserable again on Friday. With temperatures set to be warmer than Finland, the Met Office have warned Brits they might not need their raincoats for up to 48 hours.

“It’s certainly going to be warmish, but we’re hopeful that the wet weather should return by the weekend and wreck everyone’s outdoor plans”, said Thomas Badnews from the Met Office. The surge of average summer weather is being blamed on a kink of high pressure making a brief appearance before the jet stream takes over again by the weekend.

Warmish Totty: Expect scenes like these on Britain’s Beaches

AA Driver Warnings

The AA have also warned that there might not be any further flash flooding until Friday and have urged drivers to be cautious. AA President, Edmund Queen, said, “Use your common sense, be prepared. Make sure you have a T-Shirt and some shorts on board and only drive in the warm if you have to.”

The warm weather warning extends across most of the UK, but it should be cold and damp in most places by the weekend. However, forecasters have warned that August can throw up some surprises and this might not be the last of the warmish weather.

More Moderate Warmth on the Way?

BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkplastic believes there may be more moderate warmth on the way.

I’m looking ahead and there is a hint that August could have one or two more days when it’s not raining all day, so please be aware and look out for further warnings”, said Kirkplastic.

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