Liz Truss – Barking Mad!

Posted on September 19, 2023

If anyone could be arsed to listen to Liz Truss speaking yesterday, they would have witnessed something world beating. World beating narcissism, world beating denialism and of course a world beating example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. She is a living, walking nightmare for anyone in the Tory Party who is trying to not get laughed out of the room.

Why Bother?

It is difficult to know why Truss even bothered. Maybe she is thinking of getting into stand up comedy? Perhaps she is still seething that nearly everyone in sensible political, media and fiscal circles, thinks she is at East Ham (One stop from Barking)? Or it may be the case that she has a book out next April (she mentioned that 3 times) and its time to get plugging. Whatever the case, this was a masterpiece in Trump like incoherence.

There is also, of course, the fact that she still has the support of some right-wing crackpots simmering away on the backbenches. She claims she has no ambitions of a political comeback but she will be as keen as a tin of Coleman’s mustard to stick the knife into Sunak. She knows there is likely to be a Conservative leadership battle in the next year or so, so it’s another opportunity to stir up trouble. She’s doing that by reminding everyone what a disaster the last seven years have been. Not a good look for the Conservatives.

What is the Point in Truss

It should be never forgotten that Truss did the unthinkable and ignored the OBR (Office of Budget Responsibility). She did this because she knew best and the OBR are left-wing cabal who would have tried to stop her. Her unchecked budget then collapsed financial markets. As a consequence, even many of the staunchest of Tories wondered what on earth she was playing at. The truth lies in the fact that she has fallen into the cult of free market and zero regulation. Mark Carney joked that her attempt at ‘Singapore on Thames’ had ended up as ‘Argentina in the Channel’. He wasn’t wrong, not that Liz believes that.

Truss’s speech did little to hold back on her apparent disdain fort a rapidly deteriorating climate. She loves the idea of reduced regulation, fracking for oil, lowering taxes, killing off public services and attacking pension age and welfare benefits. Who actually benefits from these things? The very wealthy libertarians would, I suppose. For everyone else it’s an awful dystopian prospect. You only have to look at the waterways to see what ‘wealth creators’ do to the environment. Unleashed further, all hell will let loose.

Finishing the Tories Off

It would appear from my amateur seat in front of the TV, that Truss has a mad plan. This is to reinforce her belief that Britain got it wrong by not unleashing her plans. It was the commies and snowflakes (some from her own party) that wrecked everything, not her. The Telegraph (a comic disguised as a broadsheet) are already championing her and on the backbenches, someone will be waiting to have another a go at ‘Trussenomics’. It could well be Lord Frost who appears hellbent on being a bigger nutcase than Truss (is that even possible?)

The Tories biggest problem (if they want to be taken seriously) is that they are infiltrated by people in the Truss cult. There are probably not enough of them to give us Trussenomics, the sequel. However, there are plenty enough to keep the Conservative Party looking like a bunch of unelectable crackpots. One of them will challenge for the leadership, I guarantee it. Remember, for decades, centuries even, The Tories have sold the line that they are fiscally responsible. That myth looks even more ridiculous than it ever has. The word ‘conservative’ now looks laughably ironic.

Will She Go Away?

The trouble with Truss is that she is textbook narcissist. You would think that someone worse than May or Johnson would want to hide. If anyone normal had fucked up like she had done, they would be hid away reading Jon Ronson’s ‘So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed’. Not our Liz. Such is her denial and narcissism, she is determined to tell the world why she was right to wreck the economy and make Britain a laughing stock.

For that, unwittingly, she has a fanbase that she never expected. It’s called the Labour Party and its unspectacular leader, Keir Starmer. One of Starmer’s fears would have been the need to develop a personality if he is to lead his party to victory. Whilst Truss rears her head every few months, he needn’t do anything. Every time a word comes out of her dim-witted mouth, the nation are reminded what a shitshow the last 7 years have been. Starmer can’t believe his luck.

Sunak will look desperately on, knowing that he has to give her a gong for her services. He’s got little choice but it won’t be missed. Dame Liz Truss.

The final nail in the Tory coffin…and thank goodness for that!

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