How Many Fall for Braverman’s Hate?

Posted on November 9, 2023

Not getting drawn into hating someone for their actions is always a test. I do try hard to be passive aggressive and not lower myself to the level of the hater. Sometimes I fail. This is definitely the case with Suella Braverman.

Why is that? Why do I dislike her so much? Well, it because, in my opinion, she is purposely stirring up hate. Not only that, she is doing it ahead of Remembrance Sunday, an unnecessarily emotive occasion that gets stoked up further with every passing year. Poppy populism is getting is getting beyond satire and she is using it to her advantage.

The Metropolitan Police

The Metropolitan Police, still frantically trying to repair their shattered reputation, deserve some credit. This week, Braverman has insisted they be her boot boys for the flare-ups she is trying to stoke. Sir Mark Rowley has refused to ban the demonstrations that aren’t going anywhere near the Cenotaph. Rowley knows an attempted ban will cause more trouble. A ban means putting the boot in. Rowley is acting within the law, yet Sunak has pre-blamed him for the incidents Braverman craves.

It’s disgraceful behaviour and it really is something else when the government are attacking the police force for operating as a politically impartial body. If the police cave in to the demands of Braverman and Sunak, the UK is now a police state. Braverman is stirring all this up in attempt to use violence as an excuse to change the judiciary and allow her more power. She’s mad and people need to realise that, and fast.

Banning Protest

This government’s last attempt to cling on to power is about as low as it gets. When the Conservative government under John Major started losing its way, Major accepted change was coming. He knew the party was tired and wracked with division and accepted his demise with sadness but grace. It’s the done thing in a democracy. Sometimes the alternative needs their turn. That’s why we have elections.

This government is going down ugly, using hate, populism, and attempts to change ancient legislation in a bid to stay in power. They fear for their futures so much they are prepared to stoke division and hatred in a bid to cling on and change the judiciary in their favour. The fear of being held to account and exposed for corruption is driving them into extremism. They must have a lot to keep hidden.

I can only hope the public don’t fall for it.

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