Anti-Wokeness – A Desperate Bid for Attention

Posted on January 21, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of celebrity culture, the latest trend has been for faded stars find themselves grasping at straws for a resurgence. One peculiar fad that has emerged in recent times is the adoption of an “anti-woke” stance. It seems that failed celebrities, footballers and politicians are drawn to this controversial narrative to reclaim their place in the spotlight. Why indulge in such madness?

Pursuit of Attention

I guess that In the pursuit of attention, going against the grain offers grifters more opportunities for headlines than conforming to normal behaviours. This results in fading celebrities seeking a path back into the public eye. They do this by adopting an anti-woke stance as a provocative way to reignite interest in themselves. By playing the role of rebels against prevailing woke culture, they generate debates. This, they hope, fuels their return to the public eye.

Furthermore, irrelevant people like Joey Barton and Lawrence Fox decide that embracing anti-woke ideologies provides an air of authenticity. They can distance themselves from the mainstream (that doesn’t want them, anyway) positioning their views as unfiltered and unapologetic. This rebellious image then attracts a following that feels disenfranchised by a perceived excess of political correctness and cancel culture. In essence, it’s all about capitalising on the polarising nature of anti-woke sentiments to create a niche audience. The audience might be as mad as a box of frogs at a mad hatters tea party but it’s still an audience that can potentially be monetised. Better than no audience.

Failed Celebs Remaining Relevant

Jim Davidson is a great example. Money is not as easy to come by these days for Jim. So, he believes that pushing even harder against the boundaries of political correctness will offer notoriety. This creates a spectacle that keeps him relevant in the public consciousness. Then, all going well, it gets him the odd gammon gig in a fading market town. It’s a strategy that can lead to increased media coverage, social media engagement, and a revitalised fan base who like jokes about Muslims and queers. For someone who has been irrelevant for years, what’s not to like? Especially when there is another divorce bill to settle.

Ultimately, the anti-woke narrative is a platform for failed celebrities, footballers or politicians, to reinvent themselves. It allows them to shed the baggage of their past failures. They can play the part of outrageous renegades, challenging societal norms and advocating for free speech – but only their kind of free speech. Gary Lineker needs to pipe down and stick to football if he’s not prepared to be a misogynist racist. Anyone who engages in logic rather than impulses from an undeveloped front cortex, would see that it’s all bullshit.

Boris Johnson and Yesterday’s Men

Failed celebrities turning to anti-woke ideologies as a means of garnering attention appears to be a reflection of the evolving dynamics in our celebrity-obsessed culture. Boris Johnson is at it now. Okay, he was always a narcissist but there was a time in the noughties when he pulled off being a jovial liberal conservative. Increasingly desperate, he is now tapping into controversy (Trump returning would be a good thing etc etc) by writing incendiary articles for big money in The Daily Mail. He is frantically trying revive his career and reclaim the adoration that fed his narcissistic nature. Not an easy gig for Bojo, as he lied not only to his enemies but to those who idolised him. He’s thick skinned though, so he’ll keep grifting until the bitter end (prison if I had my way).

The question remains whether this strategy is sustainable in the long run, or merely a fleeting attempt to remain relevant in an ever-changing entertainment landscape. The truth of the matter is that the anti-woke warriors are, almost exclusively, yesterday’s men….or women. We shouldn’t forget the likes of Nadine Dorries, Julia Hartley-Brewer and largely forgotten maniac, Liz Truss.

Or in the case of Joey Barton and Lawrence Fox, yesterday’s nearly men.

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  • Norman House
    January 24, 2024 (7:12 am)

    You’ve successfully managed to name and call out so many of the western world’s most loathsome creatures. Maybe a new film beckons – Horrible Things!

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