Met Office Names Exact Days For False Weather Headlines

Posted on January 27, 2024

The Met Office has named the exact days it expects click bait weather headlines to batter our social media outlets.

In a recent exclusive interview, a spokesperson from the Met Office expressed confidence that headlines about a ‘wall of snow’ would dominate news coverage by LBC and The Daily Express until March 31, 2024. Despite the uncertainty, computer models suggest a persistent trend in fear-inducing ‘Polar Vortex’ stories, creating concern for the public.

Snow Bombs and Polar Vortexes

Since 2023, Britain has weathered a storm of sensationalized weather reports, with ‘Snow Bomb’ incidents affecting homes nationwide. The Met Office warns that the onslaught of ‘Polar Vortex’ headlines is far from over, leaving many Brits bracing for an extended period of weather-related fearmongering.

Carol Fish from the Met Office admitted, “We are expecting a continuous barrage of sensationalized news in the days ahead, and unfortunately, there is no foreseeable end.” This revelation comes as a blow to those already fatigued by a constant stream of exaggerated reports from media outlets, quoting questionable weather organizations designed to instill fear.

Baking Britain

Despite the gloomy outlook, Carol remains optimistic that the ‘bullshit vortex’ will subside by early April. However, a new season of sensationalism awaits, with warnings of ‘Britain Set to Bake’ headlines as early as Easter. The public is advised to brace themselves for another round of weather-related hype in the weeks to come.

James Madden from Mickey Mouse weather organisation Exactly Wrong, was unavailable comment. However his wife said he remained confident a 572 ‘Wall of Snow Vortex Bomb’ would batter Britain for the rest of the winter.

1 Reply to "Met Office Names Exact Days For False Weather Headlines"

  • Andrew
    January 31, 2024 (12:15 pm)

    James Madden is a total plonker who seems to get off by spreading these fake weather stories that certain media outlets lap up. Should be grateful his website has been offline for the past few years.

    Oh and don’t think about questioning the muppet, he deletes all comments on social media that don’t suck up to him.

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