Freeports – What a Great Idea!

Posted on March 18, 2024

What a great idea freeports! I mean, who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned concentration of wealth? Come on folks, nothing says economic development like making the rich richer while leaving local communities to rot.

Tax Crooks and Environment Thugs

Let’s be honest, who in their right mind wouldn’t want their local area becoming a haven for tax dodgers and money launderers? Who needs pesky snowflake regulations when you can turn a blind eye to shady financial dealings?

What about the environment? Oh come on, who cares about that when there’s money to be made from having no regulations? Let’s just throw caution to the wind and pollute to our hearts’ are content and rivers and seas are dead. Who needs clean air and water anyway? That’s for lefty woke types.

Workers Rights…Boo!

Don’t even get me started on soppy workers rights, they can just do on. End of. What sort of commie Marxist would you have to be to pay workers fair wages and provide decent working conditions when Freeport’s you can exploit them for every penny? It’s the exploitation opportunity of a lifetime.

Freeports are just fantastic. They’re like a gift that keeps on giving… except, you know, not really in a good way. Still, who needs ethics when there’s money to be made?

Say it loud and clear…Hoorah for the Freeports!

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