A Depressing Day

Posted on December 10, 2008

I will be glad when today is over, it has been awful, firstly a funeral of an old friend, then my car playing up yet again…..more expense!!!

The funeral I went to today was for Taffy an old friend (if 52 is old) who was a regular when my Mum and Dad ran a local pub. If this had happened eight or nine years ago I would have been really upset, but I have lost contact with him really, not a fall out, just different paths, but I still showed my face and cleared off sharpish to pick up the boys, rather than attending the wake. He was a good chap.

I did find time to visit my Mum’s grave for some spiritual advice for my current woes, and as I looked down on her headstone guess what happened?…………………………………..fuck all of course!!
“Gee thanks for fuck all Mum” I said sarcastically, but jokingly under my breath as I trudged off. Then my bastard car packed up going home, maybe she could see me after all, or more likely it was Taff punishing me for not going for a farewell drink. I should have done really.

Tonight we went up to Steve Ballard’s place to cut down our own Christmas tree which was really nice and the boys heped me decorate in between a trash tea of pizza and doughballs which was a bit plebish of me, but I really could not be arsed cooking. But choosing and cutting down the tree gave us a bit of much needed fun, as today was just one of those days when certain people can feel lucky they didn’t cross my path. But I am not the one in that grave so what the fuck have I got to worry about!

Pictures are of the winter sun beating down on Taffs burial, and the December syline at Steve’s house. onwards and upwards!

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