Only The Flakiest, Crumbliest Country, Sales Off It’s Treasures To The Yanks

Posted on January 20, 2010

Another prize British asset bites the dust as Cadburys, very much a part of the heritage of our nation, is bought buy American junk food giant Kraft, the makers of synthetic cheese. Anyone who has eaten cheese or chocolate in the States knows that it is a load of tasteless shite, and gradually, slowly, but surely, Cadburys will taste shite as well, as it will be swallowed up and dumbed down into American trash, but let’s not forget; “It’s a great deal for shareholders.” That’s what successive Governments have succumbed to in this country, allowing the selling off the crown Jewell’s to foreign investors who happily will rip companies to shreds to create a bigger global market for themselves.

Peter Mandleson has said that Irene Rosenfield has written to him saying she respects Cadburys Heritage. Utter bollocks, that is the equivalent of when Hitler told Chamberlain he wouldn’t invade Poland. Cadburys is now an American company, it is a well known fact that a country that owns a product will instinctively look after their own, and whilst the factory at Bournville may remain for the time being, the future for it staff, and all the local suppliers who depend on the factory, looks very bleak indeed.
We have sold our souls to American blaggers and bullshitters, who borrow huge amounts of money against assets to buy and destroy them. Ask supporters of Manchester United and Liverpool what the Americans have done for them, and the answer will be a resounding “Fuck all”. It won’t be long before the employees at Bournville are echoing their thoughts.
Remember these words.
“Clearly cost savings will have to be made”
Maybe “Great” Britain just wants to be an American air and Naval Base, if that’s the case where’s my passport?

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  • Trevor and Amy
    January 22, 2010 (3:07 am)

    Agree Bob, a sad day indeed $19.5bn though I guess was too much for them to refuse. very poor.

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