Come On….Let’s Big It Up For The Post Office

Posted on April 20, 2010

The poor old Post Office has copped a lot of stick in recent years for striking and bringing businesses to a halt. Personally I would like to congratulate them for delivering me the following items over the last fortnight.

  • An invitation to Last Night At The Proms (someone hold me back)
  • A Sky free weekend pass (I have Sky but never mind)
  • A Vodaphone leaflet
  • A Beauty Magazine
  • 10% off everything at Homebase
  • Irish Lottery Leaflet (I’m gonna be rich at last!)
  • Winkworth estate Agents Brochure
  • Curry Queen 10% discount voucher
  • One Stop Prices slashed to a pound (some good stuff there)
  • Wilkinson “The Home of Family Value” Brochure
  • Morrisons “100”s of offers in store now”
  • Harveys Spring Sale, Half Price Plus another 10%
  • Sainsburys “Brrrrrrilliant Value On Frozen Foods”
  • Birdseye Money Off Coupons (hmmm tasty)
  • More Than Pet Insurance Offer (No pets here but it’s thought that counts)
  • ASDA price News for April (A riveting read this one)
  • Melt Down “The Revenge” Our Hottest Pizza yet (ouch can’t wait)
  • Tops Pizza 30% Discount on Deal-icious Pizzas (deal-licious, great line)
  • A parcel of Dog Turds (that one was joke, the rest are not)

Unfortunately they seem to have mislaid the following, but never mind.

  • T-Shirt bought online for £40.00 dispatched 29th March
  • HSBC Fraud information form
  • My New Tax Code

I really don’t know why people are critical of this fine British service, there is nothing wrong with delivering to wrong address or stealing our mail before taking six weeks off with a bad back to go Carp fishing, it’s what puts the Great in to Britain.

For an even better, more efficient service, I think they should team up with BT (ineptitude personified) and Basingstoke and Borough Deane Council (British biscuit eating and sick leave champions for last 10 decades) to make us all proud of our great nation.

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