Will the Establishment Crush the Offshore Scandal?

Posted on April 6, 2016

About ten years ago, the director of a company I was supplying labour to, set me up with an introduction to a chap who had a business opportunity that might be of interest.

I was instantly a bit suspicious as the chap I was dealing with had spent his working years charming the birds out of the trees before spiralling into over-indulgence that eventually resulted in his premature demise.

So, anyway, the next thing I knew, I was sat in a pub in an affluent area of Islington waiting for the chap to turn up. Just when I was about to give up, in he entered, dressed like someone from a MOD training video warning against the pitfalls of espionage.

He was from Israel and he worked with agents in tax havens that allowed you to register your business in these places and have a puppet director in Bermuda or somewhere, whilst you did the real business in the UK, thus avoiding taxation.

My first thought was “What a fucking terrible idea that sounds’  whilst my second was, “I don’t like this guy…in fact, he scares me quite a lot.”

I feigned interest and got out of there, spending a week or two ignoring his calls before he gave up. I spoke to my accountant in Brighton who basically said these offshore concerns, whilst not strictly illegal, came with a threat to my credibility as a business owner and were also a test of morality, because you are, in effect, ditching your responsibility as a British tax payer.

In that period, which was during the pre-crash boom, I heard of many other small businesses who were targeted by legal but shady tax avoidance agents, particularly in London.

So, if you are involved in these avoidance schemes, there is absolutely no doubt that you know what you are doing; you have checked your compass of morality and come to the conclusion that you don’t deserve to pay the tax that funds schools, hospitals, public services and highways etc etc.

That is a system Ian Cameron used for 30 odd years.

The question is, did his son know and was he complicit?


David Cameron spouting some “all in it together” nonsense 

Well, what is certain, is that the Panama Papers leak was not supposed to happen and as I write, there will be a massive establishment cover up under way to absolve David Cameron from any guilt.

In Ian Cameron’s world, what he did was perfectly acceptable as all his friends from Eton and the Bullingdon Club were doing the same; if you are member of the aristocracy  you don’t have to pay tax. Take a look at the Duchy of Cornwall, the estate of Prince Charles; it doesn’t even know what corporation tax is.

The top end of society don’t pay tax as they think they should be absolved from such responsibilities but it has to be said that when their wealth and power gains them the keys to Downing Street, the equality in British society hits a new low and the words “we are all in this together” stink more than ever.

When austerity became the buzz word of the economy that finally got the Tories back into power, they knew damn well that for them to carry on fleecing the banking industry and running their businesses from tax havens, there wasn’t enough money coming in from heavily taxed small businesses and middle income earners, so they had to find it from somewhere.

Enter the poor and incapable.

Of course, the easiest way to attack the poor is to use those rat boy looking types at the bottom end of society as an example of theft from our benefit system by cheats, thus tarring every disabled or unemployed person with the same brush.

This is easy to do because the mega-wealthy press barons like the Murdochs and the Rothermeres are all based in tax havens where they are absolved from their UK responsibilities, so they are in effect partners of the establishment. The British media are masters of propaganda against the poor, whether if be through newspapers or addictive ‘poverty porn’ television programmes that are all the rage right now.

The Panama Papers have exposed what many of us already knew whilst others kind of knew but chose not to believe, dismissing corruption allegations as shady conspiracy theories or perhaps, bitter envy towards the wealth of the ruling classes.

It’s is not just the Cameron family who have operated in this way, it is in the DNA of the aristocracy and the super-wealthy to believe that they are above the laws they placed upon us with regards to taxation.

Right now they will all be rallying around each other, the Rothermeres, the Murdochs, the Cameron’s, the Desmond’s, the Benyons, the Osbornes and the Duchys of whatever, and they will all be dealing with this crisis by saying “Come on chaps, we are all in this together.”

All the rest of ask, is that thesse people pay the same rates of income and corporation tax as we do to at least try to make Britain a better society for all of us in the future.

These greedy fuckers can’t even manage that and when it all goes wrong and the money runs out, they’ll take their illegal gains and fuck off down to Provence.

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