Time to Make MP’s Declare Their Income and Party Donations

Posted on April 8, 2016

The revelations this week have shown that there is, in the DNA of this country, one tax rule for the workers and small business owners and no tax rules for the super-wealthy…it is so ingrained in them, they don’t even think they are doing anything immoral as GB citizens.

David Cameron and his late father have taken all the blows this week but his chancellor, George Osborne, who said tax evaders are repugnant and should be treated as thieves, has just as bad, if not a worse, family record in offshore involvement with regards to a London development at their former factory (Osborne & Little) where he has a 15% stake.


Play on Words: Notice it says evading, not avoiding

This really does need to be stopped as it is ludicrously unfair on people who have had austerity rammed down their throats and have suffered ongoing harassment and law changes from the HMRC and their ever changing laws that are always fifty shades of grey and never black and white.

Most people don’t care whether people are super rich or not, good luck to them is the popular consensus. This is not an envy thing; people just want parity in the taxation system where everyone pays a fair share of their earnings in income and corporation tax.

I would assume that retrospective law to claw money back is nigh on impossible and would probably cost more than in lawsuits than it gains, so it is probably not worth even trying. However, looking forward, we need to live in country where the income records of MP’s are accessible to the pubic as they are there to serve the pubic, not themselves. Surely we have a right to know the finances of the people we are paying to govern us?

We also need to have access to the finances of party donors of all the main political parties as they have a history of influencing legislation which is clearly not democratic. If party donations are coming from shareholders in healthcare or from companies in tax havens for example, it compromises government decision making.

Having a chancellor and a prime minister with a history of dubious financial affairs is like playing a game cricket when you are short of players, so you are forced to borrow fielders from the other team.

They look dismayed when they ‘accidentally’ drop a catch, they run half-heartedly but ultimately in vain to stop a four, and they generally try to look like they are doing the best.

However, ultimately, they know what side they are batting for.

*See the Osborne and Little deal explained here.



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