The Panama Papers – What Did We Learn?

Posted on April 11, 2016

When Labour began pushing for a declaration of tax returns from David Cameron, I couldn’t help but wonder whether it was a bit of a wild swing in the dark safe in the knowledge that Jeremy Corbyn is as clean as a whistle.

The reason I thought this was because if there were shenanigans going on with regards to money stashed in tax havens, they were unlikely (unless the PM had taken awful advice) to show up in tax returns. I would assume  that you don’t avoid paying tax by entering it in your tax return.

Surely you would have it stashed elsewhere for later in life when you are out of office and out of the spotlight?

And so it turns out that to the relief of some and the disappointment of others, Cameron’s returns since 2010 are pretty clean, apart from a dodgy looking cash gift from his mother that removed the inconvenience of inheritance tax which, when all said and done, is probably the most spiteful tax of all.

There are still plenty of question marks over Blairmore Holdings and transfers of shares and what Cameron may or may have not gained before 2010, but this is already getting ‘kicked into the long grass‘ along with the recent scandals regarding disability payments and working tax credits.

So in parliament, Cameron played a master-stroke by gaining sympathy over his father’s death, Corbyn did his best to keep the whole sleazy affair alive and Dennis Skinner, a wonderful man, provided the entertainment with his ‘Dodgy Dave’ speech that earned him the MP’s equivalent of an ‘early bath.’

dennis skinner2

Early Exit: Dennis Skinner was at his best as he laid in to Cameron

What we will never find out is the level to which Cameron abused his position and how many times his position has been compromised by the lobbying of people like his father, whom it would appear, was a lot dodgier than Dave is.

However, it is still a massive blow and one that has awoken a nation to wide-scale tax avoidance that has had British territories at its core. Yes, the British people have finally awoken to the reality that they have suffered heavy taxation and the stripping of basic benefits whilst elite super-rich have avoided tax and have funded and lobbied political parties with dirty money for decades.

Even more critically, media outlets who are purveyors of supercharged right-wing propaganda, have been protected from British taxes by simple offshore taxation loopholes that have been untouched. These include The Barclay Brothers (The Telegraph) the Rothermere Empire (The Mail) Richard Desmond (The Express) and the ever loveable Murdoch’s (The Sun, The Times, Sky Broadcasting).

These papers claim to love Britain yet the bastards don’t even pay tax.

It must be said that New Labour was in on this act as well, with Murdoch’s grandson being the God son of Tony Blairmore…sorry Blair. As I said to a friend earlier, I would give a kidney to see the income of Tony Blair and where his fortunes are stored…I reckon it would be a roller coaster of a read.

If we are going to be serious about tax avoidance, British media outlets should be banned if they are not paying tax in this country and all political parties, no matter what their persuasion, should be held to account and severely punished if they take donations from tax avoidance corporations or any individual or company that has a vested interest in the privatisation British public services.

A couple of years ago, George Osborne’s best man, Peter Davies, was appointed to oversee the sell-off of the Royal Mail. The boss of Landsdowne Partners (who Davies represented) Paul Ruddock, donated £500k to the Tory party and got a Knighthood for…check this out…HIS SERVICES TO THE ARTS!!!

That is industrial scale corruption and lobbying.

I’m not sure that Jeremy Corbyn got quite what he had hoped from the tax return of David Cameron but he has hit the right note (after missing a series of recent open goals with IDS) with regards to low and middle income earners as well as small businesses.

The British people have had enough of paying for the super-rich to get even richer and now it is time for this to be exposed on a massive scale rather than in a hidden corner of Private Eye magazine whilst their editors quiver at the prospect of a lawsuit they don’t have the finances or power to fight against.

It really is time to force the Prime Minister to challenge these megalomaniac thieving bastards and if he won’t, we need to engage someone who will. For too long the British people have been accused of jealously when it comes down to the super-rich but the truth is, all they want is for them pay the same percentage share of tax.

As an excellent example (you can have my tax return if you want it) I paid more corporation tax than Facebook last year and I live in a semi-detached house near Andover.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to stop this theft from the treasury.

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