Time to Stop Fighting Hate With Hate?

Posted on July 22, 2016

One of the great things about my short trip to Dorset is that the rolling Purbeck Hills are blissfully ignorant of military coups, trucks ploughing through kids on a night out and American cops shooting black people as well as getting shot back at as patience snaps.

Welcome to the new order of the world, where the masses appear to want to vote in governments that will fight hate with hate. It won’t work, it never has and never will, but we will keep trying until, I guess, our final annihilation of the planet is complete.

We are now at a stage where a lack of willingness to destroy the world by pressing the nuclear button is seen as cowardice and pathetically mimicking Margaret Thatcher on your first day as an unelected PM is seen as being a strong leader. We are going backwards for God’s sake.


Hate Filled: Theresa May impersonating Thatcher

I have all but given up on the Labour party at the moment but the actions of Theresa May on her first PM’s questions were so revolting, I can only hope that somehow a viable opposition evolves to challenge her and the unsavoury members of her cabinet who are riddled with scandal, corruption, expenses fraud and a deluded sense of Britain’s greatness as an independent nation.

If the less well off in Britain think this mob of right-wing Brexiters are going to sort out the social and economic inequality in Britain, they are tragically mistaken and I honestly can’t understand anyone who thinks a hard-right Tory party will be the answer to all the ills of Britain, rather than causing racial hatred and further discrimination against the unfortunate and low paid.

We are a in danger of becoming a watered down version of the USA, increasingly isolated and paranoid, falling into the age old trap of blaming foreigners for our woes. Boris Johnson reminds me of a well-educated Donald Trump and he is our Foreign Office Minister…Theresa May might as well have given the job to Prince Philip.

What I find most disturbing of all is that if anyone puts their head above the parapet and offers an alternative view of mending relations in an increasingly fractured world, they are instantly ridiculed in the media as traitors or cowards, as has regularly been the case with Jeremy Corbyn, a man with strong principles and an impeccable history as an MP in Islington.

Whether Corbyn’s ideologies are unachievable or not is a different issue and whilst I am not politically qualified enough to answer those questions, what I can’t understand is that when he asks perfectly sensible questions or offers a reasonable opinion, he is damned as some kind of traitorous fundamentalist who is a threat to our national security.

In other words, he doesn’t bully or preach hatred towards Muslims enough to satisfy billionaire media barons who do not want an opposition but a one party state that they can control. That is terrifying and I have never been more nervous about where the world is heading than I am now.

America seems to be at a tipping point where hatred is spiralling to unprecedented levels and is merely being fought with increased hatred in return and I fear that Britain, as it becomes increasingly isolationist, will go the same way, lashing out at immigrants and the poor if the money runs out and the economy falters.

American film maker and author, Michael Moore, suggests that political upheaval in America and the UK are merely an ugly test of human resolve and that the good guys will win in the end but I am beginning to wonder if this is just blind optimism.

Britain is seen as the arsehole of the Europe right now and America, our closest allies, the future arseholes of the world and I don’t want to be part of that, I really don’t. Surely, being hawks all the time and trying to smash hate with hate, has had its day?

I can’t think of one instance where an eye for an eye combat or continued invading and attacking of the oppressed has succeeded but that doesn’t make me a traitor does it? I guess in some eyes I am. A hand of friendship is far more suited to a British sense of fair play and in my humble opinion, it has to be at least worth a go as fighting hate with hate has failed.

The problem is that creating fear of attack from foreigners is the ultimate tool for keeping the frightened masses to vote for the same old nonsense.

I think I will head back to the Purbecks.

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