Why Preach to the Converted?

Posted on September 13, 2016

When I was doing my epic chairman’s speech at the cricket club on Saturday, I found myself explaining the physical and financial demands of running an amateur sports club to people who already knew them, because the people who turn up to such functions are the ones that keep the whole show on the road.

With a lot of effort over the last few years, our numbers have gradually grown again, but it is an incredibly painful process getting people on board and understanding that you have to move forward just to stand still, otherwise the gates get locked for the final time, drawing a close to 175 years of history.

I guess continued preaching to converted is one way of re-emphasising the point and hoping that what is fed to them will get passed on to others with enough gusto to nudge their conscience, but I may be just fantasizing. I really need to be communicating the needs of the cricket club to those who just assume it will still be there when they rock up next April and marvel at how good it all looks.

This got me thinking back to what I witnessed on social media over the period of the EU vote and the disharmony it caused with people falling out and deleting each other, courtesy of opposing opinions. I loosely know a woman in Sussex who is a fervent socialist and was a ‘Stay’ campaigner who dramatically announced she was to delete every Brexiter on her Facebook page as punishment for their actions.

Every day she is glued to social media, publishing stuff from Change.Org, 38 Degrees, The Canary and The Guardian as well as various other campaign groups that seem to think the BBC have turned into Fox News. Personally, I don’t think the BBC have any political agenda, they have just got themselves in a mess with their attempts at impartiality through fear of being lambasted by The Daily Mail…a story for another day perhaps?

Anyway, along with her posts come a plethora of ‘Likes’ and ‘Hear hear’ comments to satisfy her narcissism but what good is it doing preaching to the converted? Bugger all good at all I say, and that’s why nothing changes. Nothing changes because people just want to be congratulated on their beliefs by those who share the same view, rather than challenging those who don’t through fear of being ranted at, which I admit, is a problem in the era of Farage where opposing an educated and proven theory is all the rage.

Surely, if you believe in a political cause so much, you are better trying to get it out there to everyone in the hope of converting a few hearts and minds, not just to get congratulations from those sit in front of their computers nodding in agreement at all the articles you are re-posting?

I am sorry to say it, but there is a certain self-righteousness about some members of of well-meaning far-left campaigns that gets my goat, as they appear to be beyond criticism which in my opinion, further alienates their cause.

Cyber bullying is part of the problem as a lot of Brexit types and right-wing loons just seem to shout and scream abuse at anyone who dares read The Guardian, but if you are going to get your point across, rather than spending your days posting pictures of Theresa May with ‘TORY SCUM’ written across it so you can get applauded by those you haven’t deleted from your social media page, why not try to get over a decent argument to try to alter the future?

Britain is at a social and economic crisis point at the moment and all we seem to have is a system of deluded nostalgia and a desire to return to the good old days of the three day week and Austin Maxi’s or the liberal bombing of small islands, blue passports and an ongoing violent dispute with our neighbours across the Irish Sea.

We are, at the present time, isolating ourselves from Europe and returning to a grammar school system, what next? A banishment of CRB checks and a legislation allowing policeman to kick people in the head without charge?

I really wish people would look to the future and think of fresh ideas rather than putting Jeremy Corbyn on a pedestal fit for a faultless God to rounds applause from their like-minded peers.

I like Jeremy Corbyn, but there is no need to hail him as the second coming of Jesus Christ. He has plenty of faults, especially in the dispatch box where he has missed countless metaphoric open goals to polish of a chaotic opposition, preferring instead to talk about Bernard from Bromsgrove as his own party perpetually boot the ball into their own net.

It is a waste of time bleating on to the converted, it is like walking into the Kop End at Anfield and demanding that everyone supports Liverpool…or telling the guy who paints the Oakley clubhouse that the Oakley clubhouse needs painting.

Sorry I had to get that off my chest.

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