May Stands Firm in the Coalition Rubble

Posted on June 10, 2017

Well, go on then, pick the bones out of that.

It is almost becoming a habit for sitting Tory MP’s to call presumptuous and arrogant elections only to find themselves smacked square in the face with a metaphorical custard pie.

Cameron did the honourable thing and walked after his referendum nightmare, May has not, despite wrecking the careers of her own MP’s who are now needlessly out of work. Her election was based on a landslide prediction allowing her to waltz into Brussells and cause as big a shitstorm she wanted without reprisal.

Not anymore it’s not.

May, with skin as thick as a pebble dashed rhino, is carrying on like nothing happened but I guess she had no choice when you look at it logically rather than morally. Morality doesn’t apply to Theresa May.

The difference between May and Cameron is that Cameron had the advantage of forming a government with moderates in the form of Nick Clegg and his Lib Dems. May has had to do it with 10 DUP MP’s, which, from what I have learnt, is a bit like using 10 Donald Trump’s to get you over the line, such are their alleged religious ideologies.

You may have heard of the DUP in recent days. They are by all accounts, a rather unsavoury lot, with bizarre right wing religious beliefs from the Dark Ages that include homophobia, religious hatred and anti-abortion ideologies that even apply to rape and incest victims.


Immorality Personified: Theresa May has wrecked the careers of her own MP’s

They are also linked to former UDA and UVF terror networks as their political wing in the depth of the ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. Hostilities that have thankfully ended giving better and more peaceful lives for both sides of the community.

You will find that right wing loons in the Conservative Party will say that the UVF and UDA were different kinds of terrorists as they were Loyalists and since the peace agreement they are no longer in existence anyway and in part, this is true.

However, the British government (this is really important) is by law of the peace agreement, politically neutral with regards to power sharing. By bringing in an allegedly volatile organisation such a the DUP, the PM is playing with stability in Northern Ireland and both sides of the community don’t need that shit. It is like walking into a fireworks factory with a blow torch.

The unsavoury irony of this is that Theresa May has spent two years accusing Jeremy Corbyn of colluding with political organisations formerly linked to terror networks, although she didn’t mention his anti-apartheid protests he was arrested for as that is a bit embarrassing, because everyone loved Nelson Mandela except the Tories. With the DUP, she has just got into bed with a political organisation formerly linked to terror networks banned by the British government, so she is a hypocrite, nothing less.

I have no problem with political leaders negotiating with terror networks as that is their job to broker peace with the enemy but with the Tories, as they have shown in Saudi Arabia, a hotbed for ISIS, it is one rule for them and another for Jeremy Corbyn. The Tories can do a £4 billion arms deal with a country linked to people who cut throats of British citizens but how dare Jeremy Corbyn have a cup of tea with Gerry Adams.

Imagine for one moment, if Jeremy Corbyn had done a deal with Sinn Fein, the political wing of the former IRA terror organisation? Of course there was no prospect of that because they are not as closely linked as The Sun and The Mail tried to claim with their rancid assasination of Corbyn.

Of course, the UDA and the IRA finally put down their guns as part of the agreement, so Theresa May will legitimise her decision by saying it is what happens in the future, not the past, that counts. This would be fair comment if she hadn’t spent her whole campaign demonising Corbyn for his negotiations with the IRA decades ago.

May has reaffirmed my belief that she is an unsavoury and odious character who would engage with a Myra Hindley and Jimmy Savile Coalition Party if it kept her in power. However, she will have a lot of media backing to bury Thursday night’s disaster and dress it up a victory based on the will of the people.

This won’t wash with me and millions of others are also furious with her hypocritical deal making but at the end of the day, she managed to conjure up a legally binding victory on paper and that can’t be denied. It is a fact.

Personally, I can’t see how the other power sharing  parties in Northern Ireland will accept the DUP getting into bed with the Tories and you can hardly blame them. Remember, any British government, blue, red, purple or yellow, have to show neutrality as part of a deal that took years of work to put together. Being in partnership with any NI Party will mean other parties in the power sharing agreement will be watching out like hawks for any sign of political bias.

Also, taking all of the religious connotations out of the argument, it is worth noting that both Republicans and Unionists in Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU, which complicates the whole process even further. Unionists and Republicans have my utmost admiration for finding a solution to hate so it would tragic if the British government reignite hostilities for their own gain.

Most progressive moderates should be appalled with this agreement and Theresa May should be nervously looking over her shoulder. A bit like a football manager who has just been offered a vote of no confidence by the board of directors after a string of inept performances.

However, this is politics and this is the modern Tory Party once again serving themselves and not the people that represent and if that affects the good folk of Northern Ireland, they won’t care.

Self-serving is what they do best.

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