Corbyn’s Campaign in Vain?

Posted on June 7, 2017

As the last day of full day of campaigning draws to a close, it appears that many people think the election is going to throw up odd results and is very unpredictable.

However, I think it will be more straightforward than that, unless the under 24’s come out in big numbers and those in traditional Tory sectors such as the police and the armed services have decided they have had enough of what austerity has offered them, which is precisely nothing except stagnation of wages and job cuts.

However, by tradition, the Tories can rely on the vote of people who have no interest in politics and are easily won over by fear and the vindictive discrediting of the opposition in billionaire owned media outlets. The headlines in today’s tabloids emphasises that fully.

To have these tax evaders onside offers the Tories a major advantage when push comes to shove and as someone who is largely opposed to their ideology, it is a slap in the face seeing the media barons who have raped the country for decades, influencing the politically illiterate to vote like turkeys queuing up for Christmas.

Also, Labour have had to accept that they have lost a lot of their big industry vote (because there is no big industry left). Somewhat ironically, this has been lost to UKIP and has been seized on by the Tories who have swung further to the right to sweep up the rubble from UKIP’s predictable demise.

I found it quite shocking how right wing these swathes of forgotten Britain were, especially as when Brexit takes its toll, they will be the first to be left on the scrap heap. I thought that instinctively, they would lean towards the new Labour movement under Corbyn, especially as May’s Britain will have nothing for them except an abundance of disdain. Perhaps they are racists who were suppressed by the unions and will get what they deserve?

Corbyn has undoubtedly swung some of these around with a series of well constructed rallies and he will also do well in cosmopolitan cities where public servants are furious with cutbacks and stagnating wages. He will also, as I said earlier, pick up a lot of votes from the Police force and the Armed Services which is almost unheard of in British elections. Nurses and teachers are also likely to vote Labour in large numbers.


Rallying in the Rain: Corbyn has campaigned better than imagined

However, that will merely be kink in the armour of the over 50’s Tory voters who would still vote Conservative even if they set up a manifesto where homeowners were forced to offer their houses up to unscrupulous insurance companies in case they got ill in old age, which of course, is as inevitable as death itself.

Of course, they have done that already, however, it got buried under the tragedy of the depressing terrorist attacks on our city streets that have left us all reeling about what lays ahead of us, regardless of our political persuasion.

Have the terrorist attacks left the Tories in a better position and halted the rise of Corbyn? I think so, especially combined with the pitiful performances of Diane Abbott, who it appears, maybe in some sort of serious health breakdown.

Whatever you think of her (Abbott) whilst her ineptitude has been apparent and annoyed me immensely, it is interesting that she is ridiculed far more than Boris Johnson, who is a complete imbecile on a basis that is daily and is certainly more dangerous. Being black and unattractive is still relevant to The Mail and The Sun as ridiculing Diane Abbott wins plenty of votes.

The best Labour supporters can hope for is that May will not get the resounding victory she called a ‘Snap Election’ for and like David Cameron after Brexit, her position will be untenable within a matter of months if not weeks. This will cause further chaos in a party that is still broken by Brexit.

Ultimately, Britain is a country that has an extraordinary level of political ignorance in comparison to other countries in Europe. This leads people to take what is in front of them as read, rather than reading the facts from independent sources of information without a political agenda. The information is there if you choose to find it, although it won’t be for long if May gets her way.

We currently live in a situation where if Murdoch says Corbyn is a terrorist, it must be true. If Dacre says Corbyn and Gerry Adams were lovers it must be true. If the Barclay brothers say that Corbyn despises Britain, it must be true. It’s sad that decent people are undone by horror characters like Murdoch, The Barclays and Dacre.

Sadly, until people learn how to think for themselves, a new way of politics is a near impossibly. In my opinion, Corbyn has had a great campaign and my admiration for his efforts in the face of ignorance and hatred, is boundless. Not once has he stooped to levels of abuse he has had to endure from cretins like Johnson, so I will do it for him.

Boris Johnson is a big, fat, odious, cretin of a man whose only consistency is his disloyalty and his ability to lie to everyone in pursuit of power. He can never tell the truth, he is sly and vindictive and like any true cretin, he hides behind buffoonery to achieve his goals. He is repugnance personified.

I enjoyed that.

So, all that I would ask of anyone to say to themselves when they are heading to the polling station tomorrow is this.

Did I work this out for myself, or was I  told it by a billionaire newspaper who does not contribute to Britain and has avoided taxation responsibilities for decades?”

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