Is this The End of May?

Posted on June 1, 2017

When I went to the shop this morning, a lady in front of me held up her jar of coffee and said to me, the checkout girl, and anyone else who wanted to listen, the following dramatic sentence.

“When wake up and realise you have no coffee….worst nightmare!!”

“How about being lowered into a pit of vipers whilst watching a big screen showing Theresa May at the EU negotiating table dressed as Coco the Clown?”, I replied.

I am lying of course, I thought of that line several minutes after the event whilst sat in my car. That’s the trouble with me, my smart answers to ludicrous First World statements always arrive too late, hence the fact I have only ever suffered a couple of black eyes.

My actual answer was, “huh isn’t it just?” followed by a false laugh.

Anyway, the fact that Theresa May in a clown’s suit was the first person to come into my head as an example of a nightmare, only shows how much I have grown to detest this woman of no substance.

She is so bad that I am beginning to wonder if the Conservative Party, beset by panic coming from the opinion polls, are going to come out and say, “Okay, hands up, Theresa is not a real person, she is mechanical puppet designed by James Dyson and Boris Johnson. We had no one else who wanted to get involved in Brexit negotiations”.

Her attempt at answering questions regarding a non showing on last night’s TV debate was so toe snapping in its incompetence, I am begin to wonder who on earth, with any degree of sanity, would want her leading the country? I mean that from a cross party perspective by the way.

Woeful: Theresa May answering questions last night

In reality, Jeremy Corbyn is still so far behind in the polls, his best hope is to stop a landslide rather than a Tory victory. He is wooing crowds, being self-derogatory about his failings when required and generally relishing his campaign which is, if nothing else, a breath of fresh air in its honesty.

He is especially good at engagement with young people who, after all, are just asking for something to smile about rather than seeing Theresa May walking around with black cloud of doom sat above her head. To many young students he is something of a Messiah and I can only admire the way he has taken to this campaign.


Corbyn is receiving unprecedented support from young voters

It is amazing what presumption can do, as this is by far and away, without a shadow of a doubt, worse than any other Tory election campaign I have ever witnessed. I have never been a Tory (did you not know?) but there have been times when I have been forced to admit they have ran a clever campaign. The election of 2015, when they successfully nicked all the Lib Dem seats and ran clever social media campaigns being one of them.

This campaign has been dour and weak in every aspect, but will it lead to a shock defeat?

Very doubtful.

To some observers the end of May as a month could have been regarded as the end of May as a PM. However, despite a narrowing in the polls, even the most ardent JC fan would have to admit that it would need a further seismic shift to uproot her from Number 10.

If anyone is capable of cocking up the campaign further it is of course Theresa May herself, but when push comes to shove, she will, in fact she already has, reverted to her alleged strength of character in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations. This is that she is widely perceived, without much evidence, to be better equipped as a negotiator than Jeremy Corbyn (Despite not even getting her own manifesto correct).

This is not to mention that she will have media big hitters, The Sun, The Mail, The Express and The Telegraph, emptying Corbyn’s dustbins in the dark of night as they attempt to find anything to add to the increasingly boring and outlandish claims that he is is a more or less a terrorist.

So, rather than May being the end of May, it is more likely from what I have read and listened to that June will be the extension of May. The best outcome for those of us who don’t trust her, will be a failure to secure the landslide her advisors informed her was a certainty. In fairness to her advisors, how were they to know she was so out of her depth?

This is like Germany leading San Marino 5 -0 at half-time only to find themselves pegged back to 5-4 with ten minutes left.

A small majority will lead to very troubled times not very long after the victory champagne has got flat and the painful Brexit negotiations commence. Remember, this is a woman who voted to Remain, so she will be ill prepared and is likely to lash out if things don’t go her way. It will, I guarantee, get very ugly without the huge parliamentary majority she was assuming she would have.

On a lighter and more uplifting note, whilst the end of Theresa May is unlikely, the end of the month of May was, as ever, a formality. It was a lovely month, interspersed with some spectacular downpours, wonderful cloud formations and beautiful sunsets.

Here are my best photographs from the month, backed by the aptly named ‘Have a Nice Day’ by The Stereophonics.

I hope you enjoy it as much as my old dad does.



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