The Danger of False Flag Operations!

Posted on May 26, 2017

After the recent terrorist attack in Manchester that shocked us all, there have been rumours floating around that this may have been what is known as a ‘false flag’ operation.

This ambitious claim is based around the fact that the Conservative party were in utter chaos on Monday morning, watching their apparently unassailable lead in the opinion polls getting slashed.

This was due to scrutiny of social care plans that punished many working class Tories and was another example of the ineptitude of Theresa May and her front bench flapping around like some sort of modern day version of ‘Dad’s Army’.


Social Care ineptitude: Theresa May

A false flag, if you don’t know, is when a government organisation or the armed services organise an attack on civilians or their own planes/warships to galvanise wavering support and get the public on side.

Examples of this are Operation Northwoods (rejected by JFK) which was an American plan to take out civilian airlines and Cuban refugee boats and blame Castro in an attempt to increase public support during the Cuban crisis in the 1960’s and Nazi’s dressing up Polish POW’s in German uniform, shooting them and claiming it was a Polish attack.

The theory with the Manchester attack (which I find far-fetched) is that the government may have provoked the attack and used fear as a way of galvanising the British public through fear and retrieving ground after what, politically, was a disastrous start to the week.

Whilst I will be honest with and say that in my mind, I bet there are people within the establishment who were secretly delighted with the instant burial of the social care disaster, not in my wildest dreams could I imagine this was a government instigated an attack of such cruelty.


Well, in this world of instant information via social media, it would only take one outraged whistle blower to cry foul and the whole establishment would collapse in chaos amongst civil disorder, causing mayhem in financial markets in what in effect would be an ungoverned country.

Also, whilst I think Theresa May is utterly hopeless and has proved to be on numerous occasions, I don’t think it is in her make up to agree to such a thing. She is, in my opinion, politically confused and trapped in ‘Little Britain’ nostalgia, but it would take a lot of firm evidence to convince me that she condones domestic killings in pursuit of maintaining power.

Some say that this is the genius of false flag operations; they are so unthinkable that no-one (including me) would believe them. I refuse to get drawn into such theories but It has to be said, purely from a political point of view, Theresa May got lucky this week.

However, those who had been swayed towards voting for Corbyn because of May’s ineptitude, should not turn their back on him when he speaks honestly about terrorism today. The media and conservatives will steam into him but it will be worth hearing him out.

Because what Jeremy Corbyn will say is what many of want to say but won’t. He will say that every time extremism and barbarism hits our innocent civilians, we go in to a terrorist Groundhog Day.

There are platitudes, tributes, tears, crowds singing ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ and ministers admiring the strength of the people in the devastated city where the attack took place.

We are then told that the government will protect thei great people from evil, that they will ensure that everything will be done to not allow such misery to happen again. Then it does happen again.

Our sadness for those poor people in Manchester gradually fades away just in time for the next atrocity to rock us to our foundations and kick off another cycle of platitudes, public grief and eternal misery for those who have lost loved ones guilty of nothing but going out and enjoying themselves.

That really pisses me off, because decent civilians don’t deserve that kind of acceptance whilst politicians scrub blood from their hands caused by backing a series of geopolitical disasters and bombing campaigns in unstable regions where the West have changed colours like a chameleon just to suit the capitalist agenda.

When, in 2003, Jeremy Corbyn voted against the Bush/Blair invasion of Iraq, here is what he said:

“It will set off a spiral of conflict, of hate, of misery, of desperation that will fuel the wars, the conflict, the terrorism, the depression and the misery of future generations.”

Do you disagree with that prediction?

Theresa May backed that war, as did virtually all her front bench, with only the odd Tory voting against it did, including one of the most sensible conservatives in the modern era, Ken Clarke.

So when Jeremy Corbyn does his speech today, he will be called a terrorist sympathiser, he will be called a traitor by media barons who fear him, and he will be called a loony lefty pacifist too scared to fry the earth into oblivion with a nuclear bomb.

We owe it to ourselves to ignore the media and hear him out, because the conservatives are in denial of disastrous Middle Eastern incursions that have brought about the hate that affects our civilians and soldiers but never them in their gated homes funded by media barons and bent financial institutions who broke the country in 2008.

I really don’t know if Jeremy Corbyn has what it takes to be a PM but at least he is thinking in an alternative way. This is because he does not want to see dead civilian bodies on our streets, he doesn’t want to see young men dying in unwinnable terrain and he doesn’t want to cosy up to one terrorist state whilst blowing up another.

I don’t believe that the horror that unfolded in Manchester on Tuesday was a ‘False Flag’ but I do believe that we have a government who just accepts it as one of those things where the silver lining on the black cloud is the creation of fear that can be used as a tool to keep the status quo.

Like any parent, I found it hard to take in the atrocities of Tuesday night, it made me utterly depressed at what we were dealing with, which is once again, radicalisation on our doorstep.

It’s time to admit our errors and go back to 2003 and beyond  to see where all this started and where it has ended up, or we will go on getting the same results. Let us not forget that our allies, Saudi Arabia, who we fawn all over, carry some of the worst, barbaric, medieval ideologies of the whole region.

Is that an ideology worthy of a banquet and a red carpet?

That’s why I will hear out Jeremy Corbyn this afternoon, rather than quoting ‘The Daily Mail’ and screaming ‘TERRORIST’ at my television screen.

Try and do the same, or we will just get the same.

Have a lovely weekend!


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