Understanding the Laws of the Land!

Posted on June 7, 2018

Like many normal people, I was quite shocked last week about the level of support for racist knuckle dragger, Tommy Robinson, last week, mainly because of the lack of understanding regarding most basic aspects of law and justice the fucking idiot is perpetually trying to pervert.

One of the strongest aspects of Britain (currently at least) is the worldwide admiration for its law system and the right to a fair trial without outside prejudice. Although it is not always perfect, we should be proud of that because it could, one day, be what protects us, or someone we cherish.

In fact, without knowing it, British and European Law may have already protected one of us from being accused and tried of something we have never done or swallowed chemical waste from a contaminated beach. However, that doesn’t wash with retards who, if they had their way, would bring back public floggings and hanging without trial.

One of my fears about Brexit and independent right-wing deregulation, has always been my paranoia about it descending into a nightmare scenario where a certain type of British cretin gets their way and we end up in a crazy land of internment and sentence without trial.

A glance at 20th Century history will tell you that it is not inconceivable, especially when you listen to those who think that when the post war liberal horse bolted, it would mean we would never again, live under the threat of totalitarianism and that we should not worry about this minor pothole on the road to righteousness. I know loads of people like that.

They are probably right but the support for these fascist lunatics like Robinson shows that there is still a danger, however small, that we could sleepwalk into a dystopian nightmare of our own making whilst watching ‘Love Island’ or ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’. This is particularly disturbing with a Brexit ‘No Deal’ that totally cuts us of from European Laws that we (Britain) have played a huge part in implementing for he betterment of society and the environment.

These include Civil Rights and Workers Rights that could be deregulated into an absolute nightmare scenario that cannot be reversed. That is unless of course, you are a billionaire media baron, in which case deregulation and the freedom to exploit as you wish, must be bordering on erotic.

Whilst I can see that it may be very tempting to say that a paedophile for instance, should be hung without trial, to be a civilised nation, it is critical to have a fair justice system to halt a crazy situation where people are getting hung drawn and quartered on the hearsay of disaffected sad cases like Robinson.

With the justice system there always be cases that make you want to vomit and wonder why the tax payer is funding them but you rarely hear of the ones that make the world a better place as it doesn’t make good reading in the tabloids. However, surely that is better that some sort of Russian system where trumped charges can be made against any individual just because they are not in favour of Putin’s policy towards Ukraine, for instance?

You can also see it in the US where Donald Trump is such a raging narcissist he is trying to create a system where he is above the law and he can impose his own laws on anyone he sees as a threat. Fortunately for America, they have an opportunity to pull themselves from the mire by not allowing a President in office for more than two terms, unless of course, the electorate is fooled into changing that scenario.

Let’s be honest, America has its fair share of fools who believe protectionism is progressive when there is no positive evidence to suggest this is the case.

With Brexit there will be no such eight year cycle in place. It will be a scenario that is even more complex to reverse than what it is proving to be to implement. What is very telling is that all Socialists, Liberals and Conservatives with any degree of logic, oppose it, whilst the minority who think it is a great idea, are stark raving bonkers, carrying deluded and frankly, racist ideologies from yesteryear.

I used to like going to pubs and laughing along with bar stool politicians and their wacky theories, but I don’t go out so much nowadays as I have genuine fear that the madness of it all might come to fruition, rather than allowing trained lawyers and politicians to make laws that, overall, protect us from cretins like Robinson and rarely hurt us.

Anyway, for those who didn’t really understand what the legal situation was regarding Robinson and supercrets like him, this article provides an excellent debunking of the myths surrounding the case against him.


I saw a quote today that I like, especially as I don’t normally like quotes.

“Education is not remembering that Hitler killed 6 million Jews. Education is trying to understand how Hitler convinced millions of ordinary Germans that it was required”.

Bye for now!

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