The Visit of Trump

Posted on June 4, 2019

First things first, the Trump demonstrations are not fake news. I know this because I walked through them yesterday. I was in St James for my son’s birthday and there were protesters aplenty.

Secondly, if the American public have voted a president with the brain capacity of a spoilt 9 year old, what are the UK supposed to do? Refuse to see him as if though this was a real life version of Hugh Grant in the film, ‘Notting Hill’?

It’s a tricky one but if truth be known, it wouldn’t be nearly as tricky if we weren’t leaving the European Union. We will need trade deals and we will probably have to whore ourselves to get them. To anyone with an iota of common sense, this is a scenario made for nightmares.

A populist lunatic preying on the vulnerability of a nation that is potentially standing on the world stage with no trade deals. What about WTO (World Trade Organisation) deals I hear you cry? We can switch to them overnight, surely?

What About WTO?

In case no one has told you, WTO terms are shit. They are basic trade terms for useless countries with no international standing. They protect very little in the way of a nations public services or workers rights. Any decent nation would fend them off with a shit tipped barge pole.

Check for yourself if you don’t believe me. WTO terms are for lowest of the low in international standing. The day after we leave without a deal in place (if this happens) that is where we will be; totally unprotected, with wealthy nations looking at us with all the glee of a kid in a sweet shop. Or should I say, Donald Trump in the Playboy mansion.


Much of the concern regarding a Trump administration and the vulnerability of the NHS, is justified. American exploitation of health services is, in my opinion, a terrifying prospect. The USA is a nation where people who can’t afford healthcare die and those who can, are rattling with prescribed drugs they don’t need.

Imagine a scenario where you have a stomach pain. You go to the doctors and he says you need an X-Ray but it will be £150.00. You then wonder whether he is just making money or whether he is generally concerned. You could turn down the X Ray and hope for the best, or blow £150.00 unnecessarily? Stick or twist?

When health is in the hands of profiteers with shareholders to satisfy, the temptation to exaggerate treatment is obvious. Examples of this have already happened in dentistry. My former dentist got done for putting in fillings unnecessarily and claiming the cash back off the NHS.

US Trade Deals

MP’s will insist the NHS is sacred, but in our brave new ‘No Deal’ world, the goalposts will have shifted. People like Trump are salivating at the opportunity to fleece their great ally if they get the chance. We should pray that common sense prevails.

So the truth of it is that Trump, as a populist,with fascist fantasies, would be a concern in a normal world. We would still have to host him as a world leader because what else can you do? We need to stay close to America for when, or if they get rid of him and his kind. This isn’t Notting Hill, the sequel.

However, it’s worse than that; far worse. This is Trump the populist opportunist, visiting a nation that may well be sat, on its own, without any deals or any flexibility to negotiate.

“Hey buddy…you want a US trade deal…well we want access to you health service in return”.

Oh fuck Dominic, what should one do now?”

Never be fooled into believing American version of capitalism cares a jot about the health of UK citizens; it doesn’t even care about its own.

It’s time to get real.

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