Great To See the UK Territories Top the Tax Avoidance Charts!

Posted on May 29, 2019

Britain and its territories are officially the most aggressive tax avoiding nation in the world. The corporation tax now avoided every year by utilising places such as The Cayman Islands and Bermuda, is 3 times the annual NHS budget.

All our billionaire media owners benefitting from aggressive tax avoidance schemes include the following;

The Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The Express, The Times and The Mail.

It is could just be coincidence but all of these newspaper groups are fervent campaigners for Brexit. Now, there may be reasons people want to leave the EU that make sense and can be explained to me (I’m all ears).

However, it is so blatantly obvious that the newspaper groups listed above are supporting Brexit to protect themselves not the UK. The EU Tax Avoidance Legislation that came into force this year has them on red alert.

One of the ways how the EU Plans to slow down corporate tax avoidance

Those driving the Brexit bus are in it for themselves and they do not give a stuff if we go down because of it. They will be on a beach somewhere with Cuban cigar lit, Panama Hat on and Nigel Farage serving them cocktails.

This is the biggest financial con in UK history and we need to wake up fast and understand what these people are about.

What scares me is that as a nation, we probably can’t be bothered.

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