No Point in Rejoicing the June end of May!

Posted on May 24, 2019

As far a painful political death’s go, the end of Theresa May was about as pathetic as it gets. Who were tears at the end for, herself, or as an apology for job badly done?

The Downfall

May’s downfall began the day (somewhat ironically) the implementation of British Sovereign Law was imposed. This meant she could not push through Brexit without the agreement of parliament. An attempt to increase her majority (allegedly on the advice of her husband) was a spectacular own goal. It ended in a coalition with the DUP and ultimately, disaster.

For me, the most insulting memory of her tenure will be the fact that she just tossed the 48% of Remain voters aside. As a Remainer herself, it is quite incredulous that she behaved in such a reckless manner to large minority.

Implementing the ‘will of the people’ is fine if you have a 70% majority vote. By trying to do so with under 52%, was always going fail. Especially with an elected parliament that was overwhelmingly in favour of Remain.

Johnson Lies in Wait

It has all been a harsh lesson as to why Referendums are not very clever things. Elected MP’s are there to decide things we do not have the time to study. We are now no further down the line of this debacle with Boris Johnson waiting in the wings. His appointment would make Theresa May’s time in office look like a picnic.

In the last 24 hours, I have heard Johnson described as Machiavellian, narcissistic, self-serving, scheming, sly and lacking any discernible moral fibre. Despite this, to some Tory MP’s and voters, this is no problem. Because you see, Boris is very charismatic; just ask the women who he forced to have abortions and the journalist he tried to get beaten up.

However, despite growing concern amongst centrists and a ‘Stop Boris’ campaign from within, he will fancy his chances. This is because there is not one person in the party with any leadership qualities. They are in such a state that Michael Gove is touted as the party intellect. Dominic Raab is deemed to have the right personality. That’s right, I said Dominic Raab.

Who Caused This?

Ultimately, this whole omnishambles comes back to the old farts in the Conservative Party. By utilising friends in media places they have been able to play on populist impulses, leaving the country in utter chaos. All so they can take control of workers, civil, health and environment rights of the proletarian. Lest we forget their lust for aggressive tax avoidance.

It is not just them. Some hardcore socialists, somewhat ironically, wanted the same result. The implementation of of mass state control of public services is, I am led to believe, easier to implement outside the EU. However, they were a minority compared to the Tory right-wing movements such as the lunatics in the ERG.

What I have found most bizarre, is how workers have thrown their support behind various Brexit movements led by extremely wealthy individuals. Virtually everyone Nigel Farage has been involved with, or funded by, has made millions and have not like paying corporation tax as a result. They pay it to him instead.

I find it extraordinary that the people who would be most affected by Workers Rights and a crumbling public health system, are some of Farage’s most vehement supporters. I don’t like saying it but it can only be because they have fallen for the ‘Blame the foreigners’ trick. I thought most people had worked than one out by now?

I’ll tell you what I found even more ridiculous. The denial of a link between the populist movements of today and those of the 1930’s. Dare mention it and otherwise intelligent folk shoot you down as a wacky conspiracy theorist. It’s a strange thing not to at least be prepared to make comparisons. Even if you don’t think the worst fears of some historians, will come to fruition.

Understanding Populism

I have recently, in a bid to understand populism, socialism, conservatism patriotism and indeed fascism, re-read George Orwell’s WWII book ‘The Lion and The Unicorn’. The trick with this book is to read it with an open mind and dwell on what you have read without political bias.

What I learnt is confirmation of what I have always felt. The super wealthy do not fear populist or fascist movements and will often financially back them. For them, the crushing of regulation is the ultimate route to surviving the prospect of ever being held to account.

It’s pretty obvious if you are brave enough to think about it.

I will leave you with a Conservative’s view of the ‘charismatic’ Boris Johnson.

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