Truss and Her Carpetbaggers Have to Go!

Posted on October 4, 2022

One of the things that have got my goat recently, is the mistruth that Tories were once decent. This is nonsense. They have always been in it to serve lords and bankers. That is who they are, so that is who they represent; they’d be mad not to. If these people aren’t protected, they will be overrun in no time. They may own everything, but they are a physical minority.

The Pitchfork Threat

Of course, socialist opposition and the threat of ‘The Pitchforks Coming’, tamed them, and the masses were given enough rewards to buy a TV, a car, or a holiday on the Costa Brava, to appease them. For many people that’s a reasonable return, so why not vote for it? That’s how we got ‘the working class tory’ that the Labour Party have long struggled to win back since Thatcher created individualism (I’m alright Jack).

However, this also meant that Tories were forced to retain socialist ideologies such as health, workers’ rights, welfare, and education for the masses. Take these benefits away and the riots start. It doesn’t take much to light the blue touchpaper. The Poll Tax riots kicked off due to the peasants paying the same amount as the lords in their mansions.

They want the Lot

This mob we have in now, don’t care about pacifying the masses with snippets of perceived wealth. They want it all, every last penny. They want to abolish workers’ rights, civil rights, environmental laws and health and safety. They want to shut down any public service that can’t turn a profit, and if it does, they will sell it to one of their donors.

Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, made a statement the other day that alerted me and should alarm anyone who is not a member of the super-rich. She said that there were too many unskilled migrant workers in this country. So, who is going to do the unskilled work? UK workers who can’t afford a university education, that’s who. She wants to dumb down British workers and import ready-trained engineers, doctors, and scientists. Why? Well, because another country has paid for their education. Why pay to educate your own when you can get someone from another country for nothing?

Race to the Bottom Carpetbaggers

These carpetbaggers want a race to the bottom. They want the opposite of the EU, where skilled indigenous workers are supplemented by migrant labour. Their desire is to crush the right to protest, a right to fair pay, education, healthcare, and support for the vulnerable. They want to smash Britain apart to protect and make richer, a minuscule percentage of the population.

This mob need to be stopped and if it takes a centre-right Labour Party to do it, that will have to suffice for now. Otherwise, we are heading into dystopian territory that will chill any sane person to the bones.

These fascists posing as Tories, have to go at any cost.

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