Biarritz Day 3

Posted on August 5, 2008

Day three of our trip has been all action, I woke really early and left the boys in bed sleeping while I went for a long run, as they did not go to bed until late last night. We went to the camp site bar which was actually quite good fun, though I am thinking of getting a t shirt with “Yes I am on holiday alone with my children” written on it.

John actually thinks it is quite amusing see the curious looks we get when going out together as two men, one women four kids, I suppose it does look a bit strange, maybe people think Heidi is a shared wife or something, or John and I are a gay couple helping out a single Mum on holiday. When the woman in the mobile home opposite asked me if my kids were enjoying themselves without their Mother, I replied that they weren’t mine, and that I was actually a scout leader and I had abducted them. She looked at me if I had just proposed making love to her Mother in law. We haven’t spoken much since. It was only a joke, some people!

Anyway today we went to the beach at Bidart today and crashed about in the waves for a good three or four hours which was great fun, then we went to the pool for a swim and are now back at camp. We will probably go out again this evening just to keep everyone entertained and guessing, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if they booked us all in as the evening entertainment show called “Guess Where the Wife Is”.

Me and The Lads at Bidart Beach

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